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Successful Entrepre

Personal Characteristics and Skills of a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur An individual who undertakes the risk associated with creating, organizing, and owning a business.
Persistent Works until a job is done; determined to overcome problems and pursue goals to make business successful
Creative Constantly looking for new ways to solve problems
Responsible Accountable for his/her actions; does what is required
Inquisitive Curious about things that may affect their business; not afraid to ask questions or to conduct research to solve problems
Goal-oriented Develops a plan of action; makes decisions to help achieve that plan
Independent Wants to make own decisions; sets own schedule; able to work without supervision
Self-confident Believes in theirself
Risk taker Looks for challenging opportunities; not afraid to take risks
Math skills Skills that involve knowledge of basic arithmetic and basic record keeping and are needed to make purchase decisions, calculate profit, and complete financial statements
Problem-solving and Decision-making skills Skills that involve making decisions and solving problems every day
Technical skills Skills that involve computer skills essential in almost every business.
Basic business skills Skills that involve a basic understanding of how the economy works, finance, marketing, and management
Communication skills Skills that involve writing, speaking and listening; and are needed in order to gather information necessary to organize and run a business
Human relations skills Skills that involve getting along with others and enjoying meeting and talking to people
Created by: dadehart
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