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IBCT Units 5-8

Text and Document Formatting, Arkansas Frameworks

Proofreader's Marks symbols used to indicate errors that need correcting when rekeying copy
memorandum written message used by individuals within an organization to communicate with one another
email elecronic message used by individuals to communicate with one another
unbound report short reports that are prepared without a binder
title page a cover page sometimes included with a report
reference page a list of sources sometimes included with a report
open punctuation a personal letter that has no punctuation after the salution or closing
mixed punctuation a business letter that includes a colon after the salutation and a comma after the closing
salutation the greeting of the letter
closing the closing of the letter
letter address the address the letter is being sent to
return address the sender's address
table a set of data arranged in a grid of rows and columns
columns one of two or more vertical sections of printed material on a page
body the main message of the letter
email signature the signature of an email which includes name, title and other information about the sender
font effects Bold, italics and underline used to enhance ANY font style
font style the appearance of characters, numbers and symbols
font size the size of the characters, measured in points
alignment the location of the text--left, right or center
tab moves the cursor a set amount of spaces, usually 5 spaces
bullets or numbering a system that uses bullets or numbers to draw attention to lists of text
default the original setting
emojis are not okay in a professional email
Proper grammar Must use in email
Subject line Must include in email
Text wrapping Used when using any graphics in Office. This allows you to MOVE the image
Friendly greeting and closing Important to use in a professional email
Dear (name), Hello, (name) is a friendly greeting in an email
texting shortcuts are NOT appropriate in professional email
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