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Pers Char Examples

Examples of Personal Characteristics and Skills of a successful Entrepreneur

Independent John had to set his own schedule for when he would work each day.
Persistent John stayed late at night if necessary to make sure everything was ready for business the next day.
Inquisitive John asked questions of the neighboring business owners about what security system worked best for their business.
Creative John created his own website since his business didn't have a lot of money to pay someone to do the work for him.
Risk Taker John decided to add another employee to his payroll despite only really making enough money to pay the employees he already had because he felt that the extra person would improve customer service and encourage more customers to return.
Goal-oriented John planned to make enough money by the end of the year that he could hire a manager and be able to cut back his own hours on the job.
Responsible John made a mistake in scheduling and had more employees scheduled than he could afford, so he payed the extra employees out of his own paycheck instead of cutting the employees hours at the last minute.
Self-confident John was sure he could make the business work even though they were losing money at the end of the first year and kept it open. It finally began making a profit by the end of the second year.
Math Skills John did the nightly counting of money and kept track and paid all of the bills for his business.
Human Relations Skills John got along well with all of his employees and customers.
Problem-solving and Decision-making Skills John made all decisions on advertising and took care of any problems that arose between his employees and customers.
Basic Business Skills John could perform all financial, marketing, and management tasks for the business because of his business degree.
Communication Skills John was very good at listening to his customers and employees needs and then telling them how he was going to meet those needs.
Technical Skills John set up his computer network and email for his employees.
Created by: dadehart
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