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World History Sem 2

How did the Scientifice Revolution lead to the Enlightenment It encouraged people to use reason to try to understand social, political, and economic issues
What rules discoverabe by reason did Enlightenment thinkers try to apply to the study of human behavior natural law
In A Vindicaion of Rights of Women, Mary Wollstonecraft agrued that women and men should have equl Education
WHo wrote theat people have a natural right to overthrought a government that violates their rights? John Locke
Which statement best describes the ideas of Thomas Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rosseau? Hobbes beleived people in their natural state were bad;Rosseau belevied they were good
Influential opponents of the Enlightenment included Church Authorities
Enlightenment wrighters often faced censorship because they challenged the old order
A literary form that developed during the Enlightment was The Novel
An Enlightenment despot was a ruler who Influenced political and social change
Which statement best describes enlightement despots of the 1700's They kept sbsolute power for theselves
Because the American colonies were home to diverse groups Social distinctions were more blurred then Europe
When George III became king of Great Britian in 1760 he Decided to reasssert the powers of the crown
Britian passed the Navigation Acts to do what? regulate colonial trade and manufacturing
The Battle of Saratoga marked a turning point in the AMerican Revolution because The American victory concinved France to support the Reovlution
What is the pourpose of the Bill of Rights to recognize that the people have rightes the government must protect
This man beleved in a powerful government. He argued that peopple were naturally cruel, greedy, and selfish. If they were not controlled, they would fight, rob, and opress one another Thomas Hobbes
Who was one of the most famous philosophes took the name Voltaire he was best know because he defended the principal of freedom of speech Francois-Marie Arouet
He belevied that some controls by goverment were necessary, but they should be miminal and only goverments that had been freely elected should impose these controls Jean- Jacques Rosseau
Who was refering to the freedom of religion when he said "in my kingdom, everyone ccan go to heaven in his own fashion' Frederick the Great of Prussia
What included John Lock's ideas of the government's obligation to protect the people's natural right to "life, liberty, and property" It also included another of Locke's ideas: people had the right "to altar and abolish" unjust governments The Declaration of Indipendence
What established a government run by the people, for the people The United States Constitution
Frence socity during the Old Regime was divided into three estates. In France's Old Regime the clergy belonged to First Estate
The Third estate was the largest of the estates
Louis XVI was forced to dismiss his financial advisior, Jacques Necker when Necker proposed taxing the first and second estates
One Important result of the meeing of the Estates General called my Louis XVI wass the National Assembly
How did Eurpoean monarchs and nobles feel about the French Revolution The opposed it because they feared revolution would spread
The declaration of the rights of man and the citizen was modeled on the American Declaration of Indipendence
Who resisted the ideas of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen Louis XVI
The national assembly voted to pay off the huge government debt by selling church lands
What kind of government did the Constitution of 1791 set up? a limited monarchy
When the new national convention met in 1792 what form of government did the radical create a repubic
What helped Naopleon rise to power his military successes
Which country was able to remain outside Nampleon's empire Britian
The Nepoleonic Code was a reform of the nation's legal system
a disastrous attempt to invade Russia was the beginning of Napoleon's downfall What war tactic helped the Russians defeat Napoleon schorched- earth policy
The cheif goals of the congress of vienna were to preserve peace thought a balance of power and restore monarchies
What caused a severe economic crisis in France bad harvests deficit spending and costly wars
What led parisians to storm the Bastille in search of weapons Fear that the royal troops would occupy Paris
Who was a journalist who spoke out in favor of womens rights and was eventually imprisoned and excuted Olympe de Gouges
When the radicals took control of the National Assembly they called for the election of a new legislative body called the National Convention what was to be extened to all male citizens at this time Suffrage the right to vote not just property owners alll male citizens
What was the guillotine it had a fast falling blade which etinguised life immidetally it was introduced as a more humane way of beheading people
What did Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Great Britian do to protect order in Europe They extended their wartime alliance into the postwar era. They pledged to act together to maintain the balance of power and to suppress revolutanary unrisings, especally in france
Which statement best describes the Industrial Revolution There was a gradual change in the way people lived and worked
What is one way improved agriculture contributed to population growth it created a surplus of food
During the industrial revolution life changed in what basic way People migrated from rural areas to citied
Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. The cotton gin was a machine that could Seperate seeds from raw cotton
The flying shuttle and the spinning jenny were technolofical advances that led to the factory system in a pratufular industry. The first factories developed in what industry textiles
why did factory owners often prefer to hire women would coul be paid less then men
those who benefited most from the industrial revolution were entrepreneures
Laissez- faire economists beleved a free market would benifit everyone
The main purpose for selling stock was to allow companies to raise capital
a production meethod in which workers repeatedly preform one task in the manufacturin process in called the assembly line
the population of europe exploded between 1800 and 1900 in a large part because Medical advances reduced the death rate
How did workers respond to the harsh conditions of industrial life they formed unions and mutual aid socities
what did some critics of women's suffrage claim women were too emotional to vote
the three social classes in western europe by the lat 1800 were the upper class the middle class and the workers and peasants
As an army nurst during the crimean war, she insisted on better hygiene in the field hospitals Florence Nigtingale
what provided a new source of labor and increased demand for factory goods population growth
what two advanced in transportation m made it faster, cheeper, and easier to reach global markets railroads and steamships
What law was passes in the early 1800's to reduce a child's workday to 12 hours and remove children from cotton mills The Factory Acts
To improve efficiency manufaturers designed products with these interchangable parts
What was one reason that the womens movement faced strong opposition men beleved that women belonged in the home
Why was Charles Darwin's threory of natural selection contravercial to contradicted the accepted biblical account
Which nations made up the triple alliance? Germany Italy Austria-Hungary
Why were Serbian nationalists angry when Francis Ferdinand of Austria visited Bosnia They saw the Austrians as oppressive foreign rulers
Which of the following had the greatest impact of the outcome of teh World War I submarines
What event made Britian to fight in the World War I Germany invaded Belgum
For which of the following reason did the Schilieffen Plan fail Russia mobilized it's army quickly
A stalemate developed along the Western Front early in World War I because trench warfare made it diffucult for either side to win an advantage
What countries battled each other on the Eastern Front during World War I Germany and Russia
What was the Ottoman empire condidered such a valubal ally it controlled Russian supply routes
Some colonial subjects were eager to participate in the war because They beleved they would gain greater civil rights
How did women help in the war effort during world war I they worked in war industries
In The Zimmerman note, Germany offered which of the following to Mexico if it joined the Central Powers The return of Mexican lands held by the United States
What what the immediate result of Russia's withdrawl from World War I Germany concentrated it's forces of teh Western Front
The "Big Three" included the leaders of Frace, Britian and the United States
In general the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles focused mainly on punishing Germany
Which one of these events occured first Russia entered World War I
What were the two major alliance formed prior to World War I Triple Alliance and Triple Entente
What was the spark that lit the powder keg of Europe or started World War I The assination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand
What happened because of the stalemate on the Western Front Neither side could advance they dug into trenches and fought over a fe hundred yards of land
After the war what "war" did the British and French have a propaganda war
What league did the US refuse to join League of Nations
What was on reason why the Spanish Civil war was called a "dress rehersal: for World War II The Nazis used the war to test their new weapons
What did the Nazi-Soviet pact accomplish for Germany It gave Germany a free hand in Poland
What even marked the beginning of the World WarII the German invasion of Poland
In which French city did German forces set up a "puppet state" capital after conquering Franc Vichy
Adolf Hitler dicided to invade the Soviet Union becasue He wanted to soviet union's vast natural resources
Adolf Hitler's "final solution" was his plan to Ruthlessely murder all European Jews
The concept of total war included The regulation of wages and prices
How did Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt give in to Joesf Stalin at the confrence in Tehran in 1943 They let the borders in the Nazi-Soviet Pact stand
What was the important about the Battle of Bulge it delayed the allied advance from the west
The German air force was almost grounded by the time of teh D-Day invasion because The Germans had little fuel due to Allied bombing
The US strategy of "island hopping" in the Pacific allowed the US to gradually move north toward Japan
Who made the final dicision to use the atomic bomb in an attempt to end the war in teh Pacific President Harry S Truman
What important principal did the Nuremberge trials demonstrate The national leaders could be held accountable for wartime actions
What was on of Josef Stalin's major goals in Eastern Europe after World War II to crate a protective buffer zone of friendly governments
The Truman Doctrine was rooted in the idea of Containment
How did the western democracies desperately try to preserve peace during the 1930s they adopted a police of appeasement or giving in to the demand of an agressor in order to keap peace
Adolf Hitler's program to kill all people he judged as "racially inferior" was also know as The Holocaust
What happened to many people in the US Canada and Japan after the war They lost there jobs property and civil rights
What did the women do whal the men were away at WOrld War II They replaced the in essential war industry jobs
Where did the US drop the two bombs in Japan Hiroshima and then Nagasaki
What was the North Atlantic Treat Organization (NATO) was a military alliance of the US, Canada< and nine european countries who pledged to help one another if they were ever attacked.
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