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ss ex.6th NAUcharter

made by emobunnie, questions #24-52

farming people who spoke a variety of languages who moved from the niger river region into central & east africa bantu
emerged with the blending of
___________arrived in Florida over 12,000 yrs. Ago Native Americans
First Seminole war was in________ 1817-1818
Seminole means_______ "Wild”
Second Seminole war was in_______Seminole descendent of_______. 1835-1832 creek
Chickees made of _____ and ______with palmetto _____ roofs. wood plaster fiber
Seminoles were _________, _________ & ________. farmers hunters fishermen
Large ranches used for raising cattle. Haciendas
the measure of how much work can be done in a certain period of time. Productivity
Exploration began in Mid ______ 1400s
_________ landed in Caribbean Columbus
_____________ killed by disease & used for labor Native Americans
U.S. explored around _____ 1500
French had _______ post around ______lakes trading Great
Spanish had towns in____,_____ FL, GA
British had Mass. to ____ GA
Spanish settled in ________________ in ______ Central America 1500s
Hernan Cortes defeated the Aztec in ______over 2 years starting in _____ Mexico 1519
Due the early Priest presents, Mexico is now ____ Catholic 90%
First permanent settlement in 1496 in today’s Santo_______ Republic Domingo
Sugarcane main crop in ________ Caribbean
American ________ in 1770s Revolution
13 colonies break with England in _____ 1775
July 4, 1776: Declaration of ___________ done Independence
Napoleon’s rule lead to Europe going to war with ______ in the _____ France 1780s
Industrial Revolution in Great Britain in _____ 1700s
__________increased productivity Machinery
_________engine invented in early _____ Steam 1700s
Early _____ spread to western Europe and _____ America 1800s North
Led to Europe dominating the world in the _______&______ 1800s & 1900s
Created by: emobunnie