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Advancing the ball with a series of short, soft, controlled kicks. Dribbling
The international name for Soccer. It is used in all countries, except the United States, Canada and Australia, which have different kinds of football. Football
The start of the game, with the ball at the center spot. The ball must be kicked forward and must move a distance at least its own size. Kickoff
Stopping the ball with your feet, chest or head, then controlling it. Trapping
Hitting the ball with your head as a shot or a pass, or to clear ir. Heading
An attacking player. Forward
A defending player. Fullback
The net into which players try to score. Goal
The only player allowed to use his or her hands. Goalkeeper
The official who carries a flag, stands on the sideline, and signals offsides and out-of-bounds plays. Linesman
The foul committed when an attacker is past the centerline and does not have two defenders(including the goalkeeper) between the attacker and the goal when the ball is played. Offside
When a player puts the ball into the opposing team's net, giving the opponent a score. Own goal.
The person who controls the game, keeping time, allowing substitutions, and calling all fouls. Referee
A stop by the goalkeeper. Save
A defender, usually at the middle of the field, who is the last player on defense othe than the goalie. sweeper
A throw from the sideline after the opponent has sent the ball over the sideline. Throw-in
Another word for field. Pitch
An illegal act that gives the offended team a free kick. Foul
The 18-yard by 44-yard area in front of the net. Goalkeepers can use their hands in this area. Penalty Area
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