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Ch 19 Texas History

suffrage the right for women to vote
The= late 1800s in Texas was a time of growth and expansion.
The most important job for women in the late 1800s was teaching.
The most popular political party in Texas in the late 1800s was the democrats.
Governor Roberts balanced the budget by reducing the education fund and veterans pensions.
Some streets were paved with brick or wood but most were dirt roads.
To have total control over a market or industry monopoly
Money paid after a person retires pension
A market that operates without the government regulating it is called free interprise market.
A committee formed to punish criminals harshly and with out the laws of the local sheriff's office.
An arrangement between companies selling the same products that sometimes eliminated the competition.
When there is not competition in a market, prices go up.
When there is competition in a market, prices go down.
The Texas constitution has been ammended 400 times.
Laws written to keep monopolies from forming or industries from fixing prices in a market were called antitrust laws.
Who wrote the Constitution of 1869? Radical Republicans
Many Democrats thought the Constitution of 1869 gave to much power to the the government.
The Constitution of 1876 gave the government limited powers.
The 15th Ammendment guaranteed the right to vote to who? men
The Constitution of 1876 only allowed the legislature to meet once every two years.
Legislatures of the new constitution could only be in office for a set number of years. In otherwords, it could not be for how ever long they wanted to be in office.
The constitution of 1876 lowered taxes, salaries of state employees, and the education budget.
The Constitution of 1876 was written in Austin.
Most democrats of this time were cautious and conservative.
At the end of Reconstruction public debt was rising.
Farmers and merchants wanted railroads built to move goods and people quickly and cheaply.
Meat packing began in Victoria, Texas.
Timber was the most important indusrty in 1900.
The People's Party (or the Populist Party) was mostly struggling farmers wanting fair laws.
The Grange was a social group that called for economic changes.
A trust was usually powerful enough to keep other companies from selling the same goods or service and having free trade.
The Texas Railroad Commission regulated the Texas railroaad system and is still in operation today.
The Texas Railroad Commission also regulates the oil industry today.
From 1875 to 1900 farmer's profits went down for the most part.
Women were allowed to vote in 1918 in the primary elections.
Women were allowed to vote in 1920 in the general elections.
The Equal Rights Association was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1893.
Ft. Worth developed because of railroads.
Laredo was a city represented by Mexican American Santos Benavides in the late 1800 legislature.
Estacado was a town that had no railroads so it became a ghost town.
Norris Wright Cuney was an influential African American that served as a Republican committeeman and collector of customs for the port of Galveston.
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