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Definitions for health class.

A functional measure of physical fitness based on the measurements of maximal oxygen uptake. Aerobic Capacity
With oxygen Aerobic
Without oxygen Anaerobic
The force that blood exerts against the walls of the blood vessels and that makes the blood flow through the circulatory system. Blood Pressure
The capacity of your heart, blood vessels, and lungs to function during vigorous, sustained activity such as running, swimming, and cycling. Cardiorespiratory Endurance
The main exercise portion of a workout with a training intensity level at a heart rate approximating 75% of the difference between resting and maximal heart rates. Conditioning Period
The tapering off period after completion of the main conditioning bout, with activities such as slow jogging, walking, and stretching the major muscle groups. Cool-Down
A powerful muscle pump responsible for blood circulation. Heart
The number of times the heart beats per minute. In most cases the number of beats each minute is equal to the number of pulse beats per minute. Heart Rate
The term used to describe the pain resulting from general overall weakness of the structures in the lower spinal region. Low-back Pain
The highest attainable heart rate for an individual. Maximal Heart Rate
A structural unit of muscle often called a muscle cell. Muscle Fiber
The capacity of a muscle to exert a force repeatedly or to hold a fixed or static contraction over a period of time. Muscular Endurance
The physiological fact that a muscle subjected to a greater-than-normal load will increase in size and strength. Overload Principle
It is the essential respiratory gas for life processes in the cell. Oxygen
The number of consecutive contractions performed during each weight training exercise. Repetitions
The maximum load that can be lifted a given number of times for a particular weight training exercise. Repetitions Maximum
The number of bouts performed for each weight training exercise. Set
The term used to describe the many physiological changes that result from participation in vigorous, muscular fitness activities. Training Effect
A heart-beat rate (or pulse rate) per minute during exercise that will produce significant cardio-respiratory benefits. Training (target) Heart Rate
The exercise portion of your workout that is geared to preparing your body for more vigorous exercise bout. Warm-up
The poundage used for particular weight training exercise. Load
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