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Pennsylvania Trivia

In 1905, PA Governor Pennypacker said it was a "Gentleman's Constitutional Right" and that "to for bid it is an infringement of Liberty." Was he speaking of: A)wearing a hat indoors, B)spittingin public, C) going w/o a shirt, D)reading the Police Gazette B, spitting in public. The spread of TB created a movement to prohibit spitting, & town after town did impose a ban.
Washington had his portrait painted often. Several artists captured his likeness on canvas. Which of them was a native Pennsylvanian: A) John Trumbull, B) Gilbert Stuart, C) Charles Willson Peale, D)Rembrandt Peale D, Rembrandt Peale. Gilbert Stuart's portraits of Washington are best known, because Martha Washington commissioned hime to paint the one that today is on our dollar bill. Charles Willson was Rembrandt Peale's father, and also painted the president.
In the late 1930s, a dentist from Irwin named Dr. Lytle Adams invented something that made airmail possible for dozens of small towns in PA. Was it: A) Onion-skin paper, B) Wind-sock indicator, C) Miniature parchutes, D) grappling hook pick-up D, In 1928 an airline exec said passengers would never fly over the Alleghenies. Swooping down in a single engine plane, a dangling hook would pick up the sack of mail. All American Aviation, picked up & delivered the mail for 10 years, became US Air.
A cemetary in Lancaster Co, is the resting place of a man whose name you've heard in history class. If you know why John Sutter is famous, you can guess what state capital he founded: A)Topeka,KS B) Santa Fe, NM C) Cheyenne, WY, D) Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA. John Sutter was having a hill built on his estate when they discovered gold. The 80,000 49ers who rused to CA bankrupted Sutter. He gave up and moved to Lititz, where he spent the rest of his life
The "Tiadaghton Elm" tree stood at the West Branch of the Susquehanna. Under this elm, pioner settlers met on 7/04/1776 & drew up a resolution that resolved: A) Independence from England, B) peace w/ the Senaca C)move to CT D) loyalty King George III A, independence from England. Of course the declaration down in Phlly got all the headlines, but quite independetnly the folks in Clinton Co. declared their own indepenence on the same day.
It was 1904 at Sticker's Drug Store in Latrobe, that Dave Strickler made the world's first. The question is, the world's first what? A) Ice Cream Cone, B) Hot Fudge Sundae, C) Milkshake, D) Banana Split D, banana split. Dave Strickler orders special "banana boat glasses" from Westmoreland Glass & the banana split was born. They sold for 10 cents & were so popular at nearby St. Vincent's College, students took the idea back home.
In 1747, a PA Quaker architect on his way to VA, stopped to establish a town. A little over 100 yrs. later, the town became famous. What was his name? A)Robert Gettys B) Robert Harper C) Robert Appomattox, D) Robert Sharp B, Robert Harper. The town was Harper's Ferry. John Brown raided the arsenal in 1859, intending to use the guns to free the slaves. Brown had lived near Meadville in Crawford Co, for about 10 years. He used a house in Chambersburg to help plan the raid
1952-Charlie Muse was the sec. for the Pirates & developed an idea & made the Pirates the 1st major league team to: A)cover the infield during rain B)use batting helmets C)wear knit uniforms D)host world series B,Helmets were thought to be "little league" until the Pirates adopted them. They were also the 1st to shed the heavy wood uniforms in favor of the light-weight stretch of the knit uniforms in 1970. 1st world series was held in Pittsburgh 1903
On Xmas Eve, 1928, an abandoned baby was found in Pittsburgh. A club that had been formed a year bofe adopted the baby, & so found a serious purpose for their club called: A) Shriner's Club, B) Variety Club, C)the Golden Age Club, D) American Legion Club B, so it was that men and women from a variety of show busienss careers began to help children. Today there are Variety Clubs in several nations who have raised more than $500 million for children
A, the potato is now ranked 2nd only to corn as US's contirubtion to the world food supply. discovered in South AMerica, the potato
Created by: mist73lee
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