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Herodotus Greek author who traveled throughout the known world; wrote about the wars between Greece and Persia in History, the first major historical work of ancient times
Lower Nubia An ancient region in northern Africa extending from the Nile Valley in Egypt to present-day Sudan, specifically, between the first and second Nile cataracts
Upper Nubia An ancient region in northeastern Africa that extended from the Nile Valley in Egypt to present-day Sudan, specifally, between the second and sixth cataracts
Upper Egypt An area in ancient Egypt in the Nile Valley, south of the river's delta and the 30th northern parellel
Lower Egypt An area in Ancient Egypt, in the northern Nile River region
Cataract A large waterfall' any strong flood or rush of water
Delta A triangular-shaped plain at the mouth of a river, formed when sedimant is deposited by flowing water
Hatshepsut Stepmother of Thutmose III; ruled Egypt as regent and then as pharoah; achieved economic success, especially in trade
Menes Founder of the first Egyptian dynasty; unified Upper and Lower Egypt; founded the capital of Memphis
Thutmose III Stepson of Hatshepsut; considered the greatest pharoah of the New Kingdom of Egypt; reigned from 1479 to 1426 BC; expanded the empire to include Syria and Nubia
Pharoah The title of the kings of ancient Egypt
Regent Someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule
Dynasty A series of rulers from the same family
Giza An ancient city capital of Upper Egypt; site of the Great Pyramids
Afterlife The next life, in which the dead are believed to live again
Mummy A dead body preserved in lifelike condition
Pyramid A huge building with four sloping outside walls shaped like triangles; in Egypt, pyramids were built as royal tombs
Hierogliphs A kind of picture writing in which some pictures stand for ideas or things and other stands for sounds
Papyrus An early form of paper made from a reedlike plant found in the marshy areas of the Nile delta
Astronomer A scientist who studies the stars and other objects in the sky
Taharka Prince of Nubia; became king of Nubia and Egypt in 690 BC
Kerma A market town in present-day Sudan; an ancient Nubian city
Napata One of the three most powerful Nubian kingdoms; located between the third and fourth cataracts of the Nile River in Upper Nubia
Meroe A city of Ancient Nubia in present-day Sudan
Artisan A worker who is especially skilled in making something, such as baskets, leather goods, tools, jewerly, pottery, or clothes
Silt Rich, fertile soil deposited by the flooding of a river
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