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Ch. 7 KS Vocab

Monopoly When only one company provides or produces a certain product or service activity.
Depot A railroad station.
Retail The sale of goods in small quantities (amounts) directly to consumers.
Quarantine Enforced isolation.
Subsidy Financial assistance given by a government to a person or group in support of an enterprise that should help the public.
Subsistence Having enough food or resource to live.
Residential Used or designed for the place where people live.
How did the US Government encourage railroad companies to lay track in unsettled areas? The government offered the companies free land.
What were two effects of the US Government giving railroad companies land grants? More people were settling out West and the value of land increased.
Which of the following was one of the first successful crops grown in Kansas? Corn
What is a Town Site Association? A group that would survey and plat a railroad town.
Why did the railroads encourage small specialized businesses in their towns? It was more profitable to have multiple stores so more business lots could be sold.
Which of these facts is Fred Harvey best known for in relation to the railroad industry? He recognized the passengers’ need for meals aboard trains and began serving food in dining cars on passenger trains.
What started the cattle drives to Kansas? Few railroads ran south into Texas, so the cattle had to be brought up to Kansas to be shipped east by railroad.
What did a town need to become a cattle town? Towns had to be located along a railroad line.
Why did the Kansas legislature impose laws against Texas cattle entering the state? Texas longhorns brought “Texas Fever” carrying ticks to Kansas.
Which of these things did The Grange actually do? They organized & helped ship farmers’ crops across the country and promoted farmer education.
Name four pieces of equipment/clothing were vital to a cowboy’s survival... Hat, chaps, gloves, boots, saddle.
Name one benefit to living in town: Closer to stores/railroad. Children could learn a trade or job (apprentice).
What does "Rain Follows the Plow" mean? Early farmers believed cultivating the land would change the weather.
Subsistence farming Growing enough food/crop to feed family.
Commercial farming Growing food/crop with the purpose to sell and make a profit.
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