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CH. 9/10 KS Vocab

Ch. 9/10 KS Vocab

Underdogs One that is at a disadvantage.
Speculation A conclusion, opinion, or theory reached by supposition.
Stock The capital or fund that a corporation raises through the sale of shares. (Purchasing a small portion of "ownership" in a company)
Bankrupt Financially ruined.
Neutrality The state or policy of being neutral. (Refusing to choose a side)
Epidemic An outbreak of a contagious disease that spreads rapidly and widely.
Describe what life was like during the 1920s. Prosperity, leisure time, new technology and the start of the use of credit (purchasing things without having the cash to do so).
What were the main causes of WWI? Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism
What did Kansas farmers begin to do with wheat during WWI? Sent it to European nations who needed food.
What is a U-boat? A submarine.
What 2 things caused the US to enter WWI? The sinking of the Lusitania and the Zimmerman Note.
How many Kansans volunteered to fight in WWI? 80,000
What was Camp Funston started for? To train new volunteer soldiers during WWI.
Describe how the flu epidemic was thought to have started: Soldiers were burning waste outside Fort Riley and a dust storm blew the ashes into the air. A few days later, several soldiers fell ill, leading some to believe this was how the epidemic began.
How many Americans died from the flu? At least 675,000.
What was Black Tuesday? October 29, 1929 - the Stock Market crashed.
What were some of the problems that Kansans had to deal with because of the Great Depression? Banks failed, Aircraft companies in KS went bankrupt, and Crop prices dropped and it stopped raining, the beginning of a drought.
What problems pushed many Kansas farmers into debt? No one could afford to spend much money – even on crops, so farmers couldn’t pay their debts.
Name the causes of the Dust Bowl? Severe droughts, high winds and soil-eroding farming practices.
Describe how Kansans were impacted by the Dust Bowl: Cattle died in dust storms, farms were destroyed, people inhaling the dust had breathing trouble, etc.
What is soil erosion caused by? Wind or water.
What is crop rotation? Changing what is planted in a field each year, helping to maintain the health of the soil and control weeds, diseases
What is a shelterbelt? A barrier of trees and shrubs that protects against the wind and reduces erosion.
Explain the purpose of using the stubble mulch technique By leaving some straw and stalks on the surface after the field is tilled, the soil is protected from being blown away by wind.
What is terracing? Creating ditches that go with the contour of the land, helps reduce unnecessary runoff.
What is contour farming? Planting and plowing crops around hills, helps to hold moisture in the soil.
Explain the benefits of Irrigation: By bringing water to the crops, farmers can improve production during average years and survive times of drought.
Explain the likelihood of another Dust Bowl occurring: It is very unlikely due to the farming practices and methods employed currently.
Created by: WeberAE