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Study of the Greek History

Who is the Greek Goddess of the Hearth? Hestia
What was a Greek Male party called? usually held in the Greek Household. Symposium
What God had a city named after Himself? Dionysus
Who weren't allowed to compete in the Ancient Olympic Games? Women
How many Oxen did the Greeks sacrafice during a Hecatomb? One hundred
Could Girls have an Education in their childhood? No
What were female prostitutes called? Hetairi
Who bought the Slaves? Kyrios
What Greek instrument looks like a harp? Lyre
Who could get an education: Boys or Girls? Boys
What aged did boys go to school? Seven
Could female slaves work on a farm? No
How many Olympians were there? Twelve
What was the Woman of the Household called? Kyria
What was the most dangerous job to do as a Male slave? Mining
There where two Greek play types: One was Tragedy, what was the other? Comedy
We get our primary sources from a Greek what? Pot
What was a Greek Music teacher called? Kitharistes
Who taught the Greek Boy how to manage a farm? And what was his Greek name? Kyrios
What did an actor wear in a Greek play? Mask
What room could only Priests go into in a Greek Temple? Naos
What was the enterance to the Naos called? Pronaos
What room of the temple kept the remaining treasures from the sale of the skins from sacraficed animals. Opisthodomos
What was the name of a Greek woman who worshipped the greek God Dinoysus? Maenads
The greek woman who worshipped Dionysus associated with: dancing, sex... What was the last? Violence
What was the name of a Greek Man who worshipped the greek God Dionysus? Satyrs
The man who worshipped the greek God Dionysus were half man half what? Goat
The Ancient Greek theatron was built on a what? Hill
The theatrons seats were made out of either wood or what? Stone
What was the name of the flute like instrument? Aulos
What was a Greek P.E teacher called? Paidotribes
What was the name of the most important room of a Greek House? Andron
What was the name of the wooden platform that was on two wheels? (That is supposed to represent what happened off stage in a greek play.) Ekkyklema
What was the name of the crane like object that was used to Hoist characters into the air? Mechane
What was the name of the celebration of Athene's birthday that was held in July? Panathenaia
What was the name of someone who recited Greek poetry? Rhapsodes
What was the name of the greatest sanctuary in Athens? Acropolis
Zeus was the god of the what? Weather
What was the sign of the God Zeus? Lightning bolt
What was the name of the Goddess that was married to Zeus? Hera
The Goddess Hera was the God of what? Marriage
The statue outside of a Greek home had an erect what? Phallus
Poseidon was the Greek God of the what? Sea
What did the God Poseidon hold? Which was also part of his sign. Trident
What was the Greek name for the man of the household? Kyrios
What was the Greek name for the woman of the household? Kyria
When a child is born, the greek father places the child on the what? Floor
When a greek baby girl is born the parents place a wreath made of what? Wool
When a greek baby boy is born the parents place a wreath made of a what branch? Olive
Created by: Ben Culligan



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