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greece coursework


who was god of fertility wine and drama dionysus
what does dionysus often hold in his hand a staff,wine or a drinking cup
how many followers did dionysus have 2
what were the names of dionysus's 2 followers maenads and satyrs
what was the main thearte callled in athens Theatre of Dionysus
what was the capaciticy 17,000
why was the theatre built on a hill to give the people a better veiw
what is the greek word for theatre theatron
what was the path to the stage called parados
who was gang of people who danced an sang in the show chorus
where would the actors get changed skene
where is the skene in the theatre behind the orchestra
what were the four uses of the skene costumes were stored here ladder held up to trap door from roof actors changed behind painted for scenery
name four reasons greeks were masks actors could play more than 1 character to act as a female character to show emotions easier for audience to see
what was a ekkyklema a platform on two wheels
what was an mechane a crane positioned on the left side of the orchestra
what were the three types of plays tragic comedy and satyr (a comedy usualy tragic)
what was chiton a long robe with a shorter robe on top
what was himation a robe that reached the knees
what was the festival that honoured dionysus called the city of dionysus
how long did the city of dionysus last for 5 days
what was the Theoric Fund it paid for poor people to see the plays
where wa the opening ceremony for the city of dionysus held the theatre of dionysus
what happend on the play days in the morning three tragic plays and a satyr woud be played and after lunch 3 comedies would be played
how much of the population in ainchent greece were slaves 1/3
name four reasons people were slaves born into slavery.captured and sold by pirates.captured in war.sold by parents
whos duty was it to buy slaves kyros
what was the avarege cost of a slave 165 drachmas
at what age were kids aloud to go to school 7
wwhy were boys educated to play a politicatol part in athens. to becoma a good kyros
what is a kyros man of the house
what is a paidagogos a family slave that is in charge of boys education
what 5 things would you expect a paidagogos to do keep the father updated on boys education . escort an carry the boys bags to school. supervise the boy. teach the boy good manners sit in on lessons an help with homework
what is a Grammatistes a teacher that would teach reading writing and basic maths
what is a kitharistes music teacher
why was p.e important to prepare boys for the army. every athenian had to join the army for some time . sport was important for the olympics
what is a paidotribe p.e teacher
what is a palaistra exercise centre
what is a lyre a musical instrument like a harp
what is an aulos musical instrument like a flute
what 2 words were used for religon holy affairs or heira
how did greeks please their gods make sacrifice and libitations
what is polytheistic their was many gods
what was the good thing about having so many gods their were gods for every area in life . you could feel close to a particular god
what was the bad thing about having so many gods their were to many gods you dont know who to pray to . some gods were cruel
were did olympiuns get their name from mt olympiun
what are the symbols of zeus throne and thunder bolt
what would you prey to ares for to win a war
what is ares symbol armour
what was apollo god of education,music,medicine,disease,archery,the,sun,prophecy
what is the symbol of appollo lyre and bow
what was hephaistos god of fire,metal,working and artisans
what is hephaistos symbol anvil
what is the symbol of appollo lyre and bow
what was hephaistos god of fire,metal,working and artisans
what is hephaistos symbol anvil
what was hermes god of messenger of gods ,travel and trades
what was hermes symbol winged sandals
who was hera married to zeus
what was hera goddess of marrige and queen of gods
what was hera's symbol the polos (a high round crown)
what is demeter goddess of agriculture and harvest
what is demeters symbol flowers,fruit or grain
what was heista goddess of hearth
what was heista's symbol fire
what was artemis goddess of hunting,child birth and the moon
what was artemis symbol moon,bow or arrow
what was athena goddess of wisdom,weaving,crafts and war
what was athenas symbol an owl or aegis (her sheild)
what was aphrodite goddess of love
what was aphrodite's symbol shell
where would people go to worship gods a temple
what was the greek word for sanctuary temenos
acropolis was a temple to worship witch god athena
where was the sacrifice altar in temples in front of the temple steps
what is a naos it is a dwelling place
why did greeks go in the naos to admire the statues or leave an offering
what was a pronaous valuables were kept in this room
what was an opisthodomos the rest of the temples dedication kept here e.g. treasures from the sale of skins of sacrificed animals
why was sacrifices important it thanks the gods . helped to build a relationship with gods.
what was the first three things that happend in a sacrifice 1.animals were bought 2.sent to sancturary 3.all participants washed themselves
what was the 4-6 things that happend in a sacrifice 4.preist poured water on animals head 5.preist says prayer 6.someone stunned the animal on back of head
what was 7-9 things that happend in the sacrifice 7. the preist slit animals throat 8. blood was collected in a bowl an poured on altar 9.meat from animal was cut
what happend to the meat after it was cut thight bones were wrapped in fat and burned. the smoked burnt and went to heaven for gods. the animals guts were inspected for omens rest of meat was shared with the greeks
what happend at dawn in the procession in panathenia they went through the city of acropolis and sacrificed 100 animals on the way
what was the most important festival in athens panathenia
what was a peplos the birthday present for athena it was a robe
when was the grand panathenia every 4 years
how long did the panathenia last for 8 days
what was an oikos the whole family including slaves grand parents and uncles
wat was the foundation for a house made of stone
what were the houses made of clay bricks
what was the main part of a house called courtyard
what is a verandas and were is it built was built on 1 side of the courtyard to give womken some shade
what was the mans room called andron
where was the couches placed in the andron on the elevated floor
who was allowed in the andron men slaves an foreigners
what was the womens area of a house called gynaikon
what was the main room in the gynakin called and what was it for loom room for women to spin or weave
what were the walls of a house made of clay bricks
what is rhapsodes people who recited greek poetry
how many tribes were involved in the tribe contest 10 an they were all from athens
why was panathenia important chance to celebrate athenas birthday .all athens come together.time to celebrate.compete against other show of the athenian system of democracy
what is a democracy for people to vote
what is a herm and were would it be found it is a small statue of hermes found at the front door to show good luck
what was a symposium a party for men to debate or drink libitations
what was the womans of the houses job in a symposium to make garlands for geusts and decorate the andron with flowers and ivy
who would cook in the symposium the kyrios would hire a special chef
how many men would share a couch in andron 2
what hand men in the andron eat and drink with right
who served the food and what on slaves served it on a small table
what did slaves do after dinner took the tables and swept floor
what did the guests do after dinner wash hands.put perfume on and garends.the drinking began
what is a kottabos a greek drinking game
what do u do in the kottabos flick the dreggs of the wine at a target
when a baby was born it was put on the floor then what would happen the father and mid wife inspected it
what would happen if a father refused to accept a baby it would be taken out the city and exposed
what would happen if a baby was exposed it would die or be captured and enslaved
why would a baby be exposed the mother cant afford to feed another mouth or it was an unwanted pregnancy
what would a father put on the front door if the baby is a boy a wreath of olives
what would a father put on the front door if the baby was a girl a wreath of wool
what was amphidromia it ment that the child wasnt introduced to the rest of the family for 5 days
what would the father do when the baby was 5 days old the father would carry the baby around the family hearth at a run
what happend when the baby was 10 days old the parents named the baby this is what they celebrated instead of birthday
what were greek women expected to do daily spin cook and look after the young
what did kyrai mean women of the house
what was the main focus for women marrige and babies
at what age were most girls married 14
who organised the marriges the kyrioi of both familys
why would they be married not because of love or romance but because of social and financial
what was an hetairi women that moved freely (did what they want) normaly foreign
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