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* Robert Farrell Mic

Finals micro for Dr. West class JD

Virons are? Intact noreplicating virus particles.
Each of the following is used to classify viruses except Family - Genenis - Speices - Aliens
A bacteriophage is (a) Bacterial virus.
One Virus has a diameter of 0.15 micrometers. This is_____ nanometers 15
Which viral nucleic acid has either a plus or minus strand? ssRNA
The most common polyhedral virus has____triangular surfaces 20
In the viral life cycle, uncoating is the? Process of removing the capsid and envelope.
The methods to count and study bateriophages are based on? The mode of infecting and destroying host cells.
The latent period is when viruses? Period of no increase.
The life cycle of of the temperate phage lambda is? Phage T4 , Phage is a DNA Complex virus
T4 and lambda bacteriophages contain? dsDNA complex viron
RNA-dependant RNA polymerase is needed by? RNA viruses
Plus-strand RNA in an HIV is used exclusively as a template for? DNA empolying reverse transcription.
Of the influenza virus, only types________infect humans A,B,C,
Oconogenes in cells will cause the cells to? Distort and uncontrolled cancerous growth may result.
The TMV infects? Tobacco plants.
If a human body contains 100 trillion cells, the estimated number of bacterial cells using the body is? 10X/ one quadrillion
Select the internal human body structure that does not support a normal biota? Brain, Heart, Muscle and Bone(correct)
Select the internal body structure that does support a normal biota Mouth, Nose, Vagina,Urethera and Intestinal Tract.
Opportunists are microorganisms that? Cause diease when opportunity arises.
A species of bacterium lives on the surface of the human skin. It does not help or harm the human host.However it gains a habitat. This symbiotic relationship is? Symbiosis
By mycrobial antagonism one microbe Interferes with another microbe
In clinical medicine the term "parasite" refers to each of the following except Protozoa, Worms, Insects, Cowboys
The function of epithlium of the human body is to? Control the size of microbial population.
The mucociliary system in the human body is mainly a______ defense. Mechanical.
Adhesions help bacteria to? Attach to epithilliac surfaces.
Staphylococcus speices are? Facillatative anerobes
Select the incorrect statement about the diphtheriods. Gram positive, commesals, rod shaped,corynebactrium
The conjuctiva is a________ membrane mucous
Select the genus with frequent normal biota inhabitants of the nasal cavity. 90% staph
Select the correct statement about the oral cavity. 80 speices of microbes many are strep.
A student plans to study Negri bodies by preparing slides in lab. One source from a mammal would be its Brains/or probably nerve cells as best answer.
Lytic infections affect host cells by? Lysing it.
Streptokinas is used to? Dissolve clots
Ptx directly interferes with the human body's ability to? Mediate intercellular communication.
The ____ is the last part of the urinary tract where urine passes through when eliminated? Urethera
Vitamin K is important to the human body for? Blood clotting
Thrush is an infection of the? Mouth
A Pathogen must have a resevoir in order to Survive
Almost any ________ can be a reservoir for rabies Animal
Influenza is a_____disease of humans? Respiratory.
Rabies attack the _____ system? Nervous.
For a computation of the LD,_______ of 500 animals die from the disease. Half or in this case 250.
The reservoir for Clostridium Tetani is the? Soil.
The portal of entry for Bordetella pertussus is usually the? Nose.
Each of the following is a fomite except? Anything not living is a fomite, inatimate objects.
More human diseases are transmitted by the_______ system than any other system? Respiratory
Most of the primary cases of Herpes simplex virus, type one, are seen in? small children/ mouth and nose.
Coccidiodes immitis is a(n)_____Microorganism? Airborne/fungal.
Praternal transmission occurs by each of the following ways except? Anything relating to getting in through a "break" in the skin.
FHA allows Bordetella pertussis to? Sticky/stick to.
By -1-____ a microbe enters-2-____. Invasins/host cell
In lab, a student studies a prepared slide of plasmodium infecting the tissues of an organism. this slide is probably found in a _______ lab? Microbiology.
Trypanosoma brucei evades the host defenses by______ variation? Antigenic.
If a microbe -1-_____ its B exotoxin subunit, it-2-______? Attaches/Alters the cellular compartment.
Which scientist purified and crystallized the tobacco mosaic virus? Wendall M Stanley
The virus capsid consists of ? protien
The life cycle of the tempratephage lambda is? Like T4, phage is a DNA complex virus
The tail fibers of an animal virus are destroyed. this will directly interfere with the_______ stage of the life cycle. adsorption
Shingles is a disease mainly affecting the? Skin
Select the faculative anerobes normally found in the large intestine Escherichia coli, Proteus, Entrobacter, Klebsiella
A fungus wich is an opportunist living in the vagina, belongs to the ? Candida albicans
Created by: Shyanne