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History 201 Final

What is the Era of Good Feelings? Period of republican rule, conflicts over slavery, internal improvements, and the bank
James Monroe President of 1812
James Monroe-Major Issues Slavery, sectionalism, depression, public prosperity
Monroe Doctrine-Major Points European powers to refrain from seeking any territories in U.S; by James Monroe
Secretary of State-J.Q Adams Best secretary, Speaker of House
Missouri Compromise Prohibited slavery north of the 35 degree line
Who proposed the Missouri Compromise? Henry Clay
What circumstances did the Missouri Compromise bring about? Missouri enter as a slave state; Maine enter as a free state
What did the Missouri Compromise stipulate? Prohibit slavery north of the 35 degree line
What was the Missouri Compromise's significance? Long and short term results? To preserve the compact of states, was a temporary fix
Who were the candidates in the Election of 1824? Jackson, Clay, Crawford, J.Q Adams
What states did they candidates of the Election of 1824 represent? Tennessee, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Georgia
Who won the electoral and the popular votes in the Election of 1824? Jackson
Who ultimately became president of the Election of 1824? J.Q Adams
Why was the office of Secretary of State of such political importance? House of Representatives must choose among candidates
Why has this Election of 1824 been called a "Corrupt Bargain"? Jackson clearly won but J.Q. Adams called for a recount and then he won
Was there anything illegal about the Election of 1824? No, "quid pro quo"
What were the Traditional/Fundamental Foreign Policies? Isolation, Freedom of the Seas, Monroe Doctrine, Pan-Americanism, Open Door, Peaceful settlement of disputes
What was Jackson's military record before presidency? At 13 joined the Patriots in the Revolution, was a war hero and general
What territory did Jackson acquire for the U.S? South Carolina
Who was Jackson's vice president? J.Q. Adams
What was the Tariff of 1828 Crisis? Taxes on imports raised 45%
What was Calhoun's role in the crisis? Wrote the exposition
What pamphlet did Calhoun write? South Carolina Exposition
Who were the Nullies? People who wanted to throw out federal laws
Who were the Unionists? People who wanted to follow federal laws
How was the Crisis resolved? Jackson threatened South Carolina until they finally gave up
What was the Force Bill? Jackson ordered the Army/Navy to collect the tariffs
Jackson's "Indian Policy" "Only good indian is a dead indian"
What was Jackson's forced removal concept? Ordered the Cherokee's to leave
How did Jackson implement the forced removal policy? Had soldiers run them out
What was the Trail of Tears? Indians on their voyage to the West; Asked Jackson for blankets for women and children, Jackson sent blankets from small pox victims
What was the status of Texas before 1850? Was apart of Mexico
Who was Sam Houston? Soldier, lawyer, governor... captured Santa Anna
Alamo? 137 Americans Vs. 6000 Mexicans. Lasted 187 days, Americans Won
What was Houston's reaction after capture of Santa Anna? Texas is to be left alone
New Republic- The Lonestar Republic? Texas is it's own country; Jackson ignored them
Was Texas a free or slave state? Slave
What is Manifest Destiny? Believe that it is their God given right of American to settle from Atlantic to Pacific
What were Polk's major objectives regarding expansion of the United States? Lowered tariff, independent treasury, Oregon territory, gain California
What were the causes and the results of the Mexican War? Mexico wouldn't give Polk California; Americans dressed as Mexican and killed Americans; quick win and then took California
What were the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hildalgo? America got title of Texas, U.S got all of South West, got California, got 1/2 size, gave Mexico $15,000,000
What is the Abolition Movement? Rid of slavery
Who is B. Franklin? Believed in slavery until Benez proved to him that it was wrong
Who is Dr. B Rush? A doctor; Franklin proved to him that slavery was wrong
Who is B. Lundy? And what is his Gradualist Approach? A writer; Gradual free slaves with compensation
Who is William LLoyd Garrison? And what is his Immediatist Approach? Lundy's editor; Immediately free slaves with no compensation
Who is Fredrick Douglas? Number one abolitionist, colorblind society
H.B Stowe's, Uncle Tom's Cabin? Wrote about the horrors of souther slavery; Number one best seller in U.S and Britain
What is the U.G.R.R? The underground railroad; set slaves free; ran by Harriet Tubman
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