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Mulroney to Present

Quiz on the Canadian history unit from the terms of Mulroney to the present.

Name of the first and only female Prime Minister to date: Kim Campbell
One of the most hated taxes ever; brought in under Mulroney. GST (General Sales Tax)
Mulroney's successor in 1993: Kim Campbell
Kim Campbell's successor after her 3 month term in office: Jean Chretien
Massacre at Ecole Polytechnique; 14 female students murdered on Dec. 6, 1989 Montreal Massacre
Gunman of the Montreal Massacre who left a suicide note claiming feminists had ruined his chance at a job in engineering Marc Lepine
Woman from Alberta; did not get a fair share of her farm in divorce. Took her case to the supreme court; family laws resultantly changed Irene Murdoch
Elected in BC and part of the NDP; the first black woman to have a political position in Canada. Rosemary Brown
Party officially fighting for Quebec separatism: Bloc Quebecois
Party that became popular in the West; represented western discontent: Reform Party
Which act meant that all Canadians would have access to medically necessary services? Canada Health Act (CHA) 1984
Name given to a health care system with both private and public options: Two-Tier System
Created universal health care in Canada Tommy Douglas
Canada was recognized for expertise in robotics because of what new technology (developed during the space race)? Canadarm
Event that brought the beginning of the end of the Cold War in 1989? Fall of the Berlin Wall
Last leader of the Soviet Union, often credited with the end of the Cold War? Mikhail Gorbachev
Who took over leadership of the Soviet Union after the fall of Communism and an attempted coup on Gorbachev? Boris Yeltsin
Terry Fox's fund raiser for cancer was his run across Canada called the: Marathon of Hope
Name of the paraplegic who circumnavigated the globe during his Man in Motion world tour? Rick Hansen
Craig Kielburger began at the age of twelve the charity called: Free the Children
The Twin towers and Pentagon were destroyed in deliberate plan crashes on: September 11, 2001
Number of people killed by forgotten land mines each week? 500
Group of eight includes? Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Great Britain, and USA
Pact signed by every country except the United States agreeing to ban greenhouse gases? Kyoto Protocol/Accords
Poland, Former Yugoslavia, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Bangladesh, India, China, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Russia are the "top ten" countries of what? Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Famous Canadian environmentalist? David Suzuki
The word "detente" means what? a "lessening of tensions"
Trade agreement including Mexico and signed by Jean Chretien in 1994: NAFTA
Two countries where Canada participated in peacekeeping in Africa were: Somalia and Rwanda
Led Canadian troops in Rwanda and published his experience in the book "Shake Hands With the Devil": Romeo Dallaire
Leader of Yugoslavia largely responsible and convicted by the ICC for the ethnic cleansing of Serbians and Kosovars: Milosevic
Developed in 1998 to put on trial those like Milosevic who committed crimes against humanity: International Criminal Court (ICC)
Created by: esmeva



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