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china test 1-4

shadowen china test

loess dusty, yellow soil that is easily carried by the wind
famine widespread shortages of food
gorge mountain passes with steep rocky sides, before reaching square
steppe dry, treeless plains. not suitable for growing crops
dynasty a line of rulers who belong to the same family
oracle bones Writing on cattle or sheep bones that tell the future
Mandate Of Heaven government may rule as long as they do so fairly, benefitting the people and performing the proper religions
Warring States Period lasted from 475-221B.C. When many local rulers went to war with each other.
Daoism means "the way". Lao Zi teaches it.
Five Classics books that formed the basics of chinas history style. poetry, history, spring Autumn animals, changes and book of rituals.
Hundred Schools a time with great idea's.
Analects after Confucius died followers wrote life stories about him collected in the analects
emperor a supreme ruler of an empire, or group of states under one government
province political divisions of land
Legalism taught that actions that help the emperor and the state should be encouraged by a strict system of rewards and severe punishments
Great Wall Of China Shihuangdi ordered protective walls to be built to block invaders. Years later, similar walls were built across these same mountains and valleys, as later rulers tried to keep out northern invaders. These later walls made up the Great Wall Of China
Clay Army Shihuangdi wanted to be protected in the afterlife, so he ordered people to make 8,000 clay soldiers to protect his tomb
Confucianism teachings of Confucius, which the Han rulers decided to base there government on.
bureaucracy an organization that runs the daily business of government.
Grand School The best school in the empire where excellent students were sent to.
seismograph a machine that detects earthquakes
Fu Hao or Lady Hao, was the wife of the king Wu Ding, who led her troops to war and ruled her own town.
Wuwang The leader of the Zhou's when they defeated the Shang and took over.
Duke Of Zhou After Wuwang died, since his son who's was just an infant, Wuwangs brother, the Duke of Zhou ,took his place. D.O.Z. could have killed Wuwangs son, but he did not.
Confucius China's most famous scholar. Teachings were that government and family would change China forever. born in 551 B.C.
Lao Zi Another famous Chinese thinker. Was born in 604 B.C.. Belived nature should guide their lives.
Shang Dynasty the dynasty that the Zhou took over.
Zhou Dynasty The dynasty that took over the Shang dynasty.
Shihuangdi Or "first grand emperor. Real name Ying Zheng. Came to the throne of Qin at age 13 and had an army and conquered several major states of China.
Hsiang Yu a general who led a rebellion against the Qin with L.P.
Liu Pang A peasant who led the rebellion who led it with H.Y.
Han Dynasty The dynasty founded by Gao Zu and was the dynasty after the Qin.
Gao Zu His family began the Han dynasty.
Wudi ruled 140-87 B.C. and decided to expand China's bureaucracy.
Qin Dynasty created first empire. divided china into 36 provinces. standardized writing and units of measurements.
Tibetan Plateau the towering Him. Mountains form a large high plain called the tibetan plateau.
Huang He flows through a regions of hills almost entirely made up of loess.
Chang Jiang or long river third long. goes for 300 moles and then dumps into the east china sea.
Gobi Desert a dessert in china.
Anyang at the end of shang D., a new capital city was built called Anyang
Qin a small state built up a strong army and took over several states.
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