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Education Law Cases

Important Law Cases in Education

Pickering v. Board of Ed. Teachers have limited First Amendment right to express opinions
Peter W. Educational Malpractice--schools not totally responsible for poor educational outcomes, other factors present as well
Tinker Student Political Expression--Non-disruptive Armbands
Bethel Indecent Speech
Hazelwood Controlling Student Press
Verona School Dist. v. Acton Drug testing ok if to prevent and deter drug use
W. Virginia State B.o.E. v. Barnette No manadatory flag salutes--no standing can be required
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: Student Records
Owasso Ind. Sch. Dist. v. Falvo Classmates grading papers ok
Pierce v. Society of Sisters Parental Right--state may force attendance in school, but not limit options to public ones
Everson Building a Wall of Separation--public money for bussing to parochial schools doesn't violate 1st Amendment.
Abington End of School-Sponsored Prayer and Bible Reading
Lemon The “Test” for Church-State Separation Gov't involvement: A) Must have secular purpose B) Cannot advance/inhibit religion and C) Cannot foster excessive entanglement w/ religion
Bower Public Funds for Religiously-Oriented Teen Sexuality Program
Lee School-Sponsored Invocation/Benediction
Lamb’s Chapel Religious Activities in Public Facilities
Zobrest Special Ed. Services in Nonpublic Schools
Agostini Title I Services at Private or Private Religious School Sites
Edwards Louisiana's Balanced Treatment Act for Creationism unconstitutional
Mergens Student-initiated political/religious clubs OK--Equal Access Act
Brown The Impressions Series Challenged (Wican)--did not endorse a religion or witchcraft
Brown V. Board of Ed. Ended Segregation
Mills v. Board of Ed. of DC. and PARC v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Brought state practices under Fed Scrutiny for 14th Amendment Due Proc and Equal Protection clauses
Rowley Door of Opportunity--Maximizing child's potential not requirement, FAPE is.
Forest Reimbursement for Private School Tuition--Equal Access
Poolaw v. Bishop School officials retain maximum flexibility--individualization and balance required. Academic progress important, social benefits of mainstreaming
Davis The “Otherwise Qualified” Requirement
Seattle Reinforced balance between mainstreaming and need for meeting unique student needs
Aguilar No public school teachers in parochial schools
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