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Word War 1

Alliances an agreement between countries to act as partners
World War 1 great war
front the area where enemy armies fight
neutral didn't favor eathier side
armistice an agreement to stop fighting
league of nations an international organization dedicated to peace
treaty of versailles name of treaty that ended world war 1
lusitania ship was sunk by germans128 americans killedwhat caused us to join war
Franz Ferdinand when in Srajevo assinatedAustria-Hungary blamed Serbia for his deathwas heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary
Central Powers Austria-HungaryGermanyTheir Allies
Allied Powers RussiaFranceBritianSerbiaOthers
Woodrow Wilson American president who signed Treaty of Versaillesinsitd there be a league of nations in treaty
factories during war started to make bombs, airplanes, and guns instead of other items made before warwomen took factory jobs so men could join armywomen also became nurses and drove ambulances
How did Alliances lead to the breakout fo World War1? alliances were very suspicious of each other and allies were needed in the war which created a domino affect on everyone else
what event started world war 1? when Franz Ferdiniand was assasinated
how was world war 1 different from previous wars? had 2 frontswas first "total war"also involved civilians at home
how did civilians help during world war 1? factories started making bombs, airplanes, and gunswomen took factory jobs so men could join armywomen also became nurses and drove ambulances
How did US enter war? when germany sunk lustinania which killed 128 americans aboardus declared war on germany
how did war end when treaty of versialles was signed
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