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Expansion & Conflict


Wilmot Proviso "neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist in any part" if the land taken from mexico
Why did americans worry about the spread of slavery to the territories taken from mexico and Oregon, when the climate was unsuited for plantation crops? slaves could be used in other occupations, such as ranches, small frams, mining, and lumbering. Also, many wondered if slavery could or could not exist in any territory the US may aquire in the future, such as cuba.
Taylor is elected in 1848 The Democrats ran Lewis Cass, and did not discuss the issue of slavery. The Free-soil party nominated Martin Van Buren, who wanted abolition of slavery. The Whigs ran Zachary taylor, who won the election by a narrow margin against Cass.
1848 election this election was significant because it was a boring election that avoided the issue of slavery, but showed that a political party that supported abolition of slavery could get 10% of the popular votes.
The Beer Flag Republic Name of independent California before falling to the US.
The Church of Jesus Christ and Later day Saits Mormon religion formed in 1830 by Joeseph Smith in Kirtland, Ohio
Brigham Young Leader of the mormans after Smith, who led the mormans to Salt Lake City
Election of 1844 Dark hores canidate (democratic) James K. Polk vs. Henry Clay (whig0 = Polk won! The issue of the annexation of Texas was key topic in this election. Polk clearly supported it, while Henry Clay was wishy -washy.
Webster-Ashburton Treaty In 1842 Webster negotiated with British minister Ashburton on where the boundery of Maine layed. They decieded to split the territory in half.
Sante Fe Trail A trade route from Independence Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Lone Star Republic Name for Independent Texas under Sam Houston (1836) --- before that was David Burnet
Manifest Destiny reason for the expansion fever. it was the belief that it was the united state's destiny to expand to the Pascific Ocrean and into part or all of Mexico. It was US's destiny to expand
Free Soil Patry Ran martin van Buren in the 1848 election. They supported the abolition of slavery in all teritories and federally financing internal improvements and the goverment giving free land to settlers.
The Great Compromise of 1850 (Henry Clay) 1. California = free state2. Utah Mexico, get to decide on slavery3. disputed lands go to new mexico4. US pay texas's debts5. slavery not abolished in district of columbia unless aproved 6 no salve trade in DColumbia 7. fugitive slave strictly enforced
Stephen A Douglas Created a plan that got Congress to pass the Great Compromised (even though all of them disliked a part of the Compromise, Douglas presented the terms as separated the terms into different bills, which all passed.
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