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Chapter 18

20/21st - Davis - SVHS - The Cold War

Stalin's communist governments in Eastern Europe countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Czech, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslovia, and Eastern Germany were known as Satellite Nations
A policy that the U.S. established in which they would prevent any further extension of communist rule. Containment
A U.S. aid package extended to all European nations, but only Western Europe accepted the help. The Marshall Plan
The leader of the Nationalist government in China who was supported by the U.S. when civil war broke out in China. Chiang Kai-Shek
Leader of the Communist party in China who won the civil war and established China as a Communist nation. Mao Zedong
A young Republican congressman named Richard Nixon gained fame by tirelessly prosecuting which spy? Alger Hiss
Which spy was among the first U.S. citizens to be executed for espionage? Julius Rosenberg
The willingness to go to the edge of all-out war using Nuclear Weapons became known as Brinkmanship
Formed in 1955 by the Soviets to be their own mutual defense alliance. the Warsaw Pact
Countries who joined this organization where members of a defense alliance with the U.S. NATO
Which of the following best describes the political system of the U.S.? free elections and competing political parties
Which best describes the political system of the Soviet Union? a sole political party
Following WWII hopes for world peace were high with ____ being the most visible symbol of those hopes. The United Nations
Why did Truman want Stalin to allow countries such as Poland in Eastern Europe to have free elections? to promote global democracy
What did Stalin claim as a justifaction for claiming Eastern Europe as part of the Soviet Union? as a buffer against future German aggression
How did the U.S. provide aid to the 2.1 million residents of West Berlin when the Soviets blocked them off? 327 consecutive days of airlifting supplies
What event shocked the American public causing them to believe containment had failed and communism was expanding? The fact that China had come under Communist Rule
What divides Korea into a Communist North and a Democratic South? the 38th Parallel
The Fight between North and South Korea had turned into a war in which the main opponents were who? America v. Chinese Communists
What was the end result of the Korean War? in a stalemate
At the height of WWII how many Americans claimed membership in the Communist Party? 80,000
What government body made headlines when it began investigating communist influence in the movie industry? House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)
Who was the most Famous Anti-Communist activist? Senator Joseph McCarthy
The HUAC subpoenaed witnesses from Hollywood to discuss their involvement in which ten refused to cooperate and were jailed. What were the ten called? the "Blacklist Ten"
Which of the following does not describe the history of the blacklist era and Congressional witch hunts? Patriotic
The New and Improved Nuclear Bomb which was a Hydrogen based bomb ("H" Bomb) was ____ times stronger than the Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima. 67
What action did the CIA take when they thought Guatemala was on the verge of becoming Communist? they covertly trained an army which invaded the small country
Which Soviet controlled country led by Imre Nagy demanded free elections and the end of Soviet domination, in which the Soviets responded by killing 30,000 including Nagy to reassert control? Hungary
The Space Race was initially dominated by the Soviets and on October 4, 1957 the launched the world's first artificial satellite __________. Sputnik
What was the Name of the U.S. Pilot of a U-2 Spy plane who was shot down over Soviet territory and sentenced to 10 years in a Soviet prison? Gary Powers
Created by: davissvhs