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What is the term for a written plan of government containing the basic laws of a nation? constitution
What is the term for a government that has elected representatives act for the people? republic
What is the term for the sharing of power between national and state governments? federalism
What is the term for a formal agreement made between nations? treaty
What is the term for an addition or change to a document? amendment
What is the term for a settlement of dispute where each side gives up some demands to arrive at an agreement? compromise
What is the term for a legislature that consists of two parts? bicameral
What is the term for when each branch of government has power over the others which keeps any one branch from having more power than the others? checks and balances
What is the term for powers given to state government? reserved
What is the term for a proposal for a law? Bill
What word means to approve or accept a law? ratify
What term means to charge a public official with a crime? impeach
What is the term for powers that both the state and federal governments have? concurrent
What is the term for land that is pert of a county but not a state? territory
What term means to reject, as in a bill passed by Congress? veto
What is the word for a loose organization or league of states? confederation
What is the term for dividing government into branches each with defined duties? separation of power
What is the term for when there are increased prices for goods and services combined with a reduced value of money? inflamation
How do citizens pay for services that governments provide? taxes
What is the term for a severely decreased economic activity and increased unemployment? depression
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