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Test Review

6th, 7th, and 8th grade questions

Slash-and-burn agriculture clearing land for farming (used by stone age people)
listed the laws and punishments for Mesopotamia Hammurabi's Code
Egyptian art and architecture emphasized this religious idea of eternal life
Greece's mountainous terrain and its series of small islands influenced the ancient Greeks to develop what type of government? a political system based on independent city-states
What does the legacy of Ancient Greek myths and epics provide people with? heroic figures and great adventures
"Atlas, herculean, labyrinth, and olympian" - words that originated in the myths of... Greeks
Why did Chinese people turn to the teachings of Confucious? His ideas were thought to help restore order to China
Where can the origins of checks and balances in the US political system be traced to? Roman Republic
What did the Roman Empire gain control of after the wars with Carthage? North Africa
What shows the importance the Mongols placed on improving trade contacts with other civilizations? the establishment of trade routes
Why did a large percentage of immigrants who came to the US during the late 19th century and early 20th century settle in cities? the growing industries were usually located in cities
What usually accompanied industrialization? labor strife
What were the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments supposed to solve? civil rights problems
What is one thing the Freedmen's Bureau did? established schools for former slaves
What was one goal of post-Civil War Congressional Reconstruction? to ensure civil rights for former slaves
Why did the Union use a blockade as part of their strategy against the south? to prevent Southern efforts to sell cotton in Europe in exchange for war supplies
How is Lincoln's Gettysburg Address similar to the Declaration of Independence? Both support the ideals of self-government and human rights
States' rights did not play a role in this policy The Monroe Doctrine
What was "Bleeding Kansas"? fighting between pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces
What area was admitted as part of the Compromise of 1850? California
What was the main goal of abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison? To end slavery immediately
Who was the most important leader of the Underground Railroad? Harriet Tubman
What system did New Spain use in settling California? mission
Why did the Indian Removal Act relocate thousands of Cherokees? It allowed the Cherokee their freedom from US control
Granting statehood to this territory made conflict with Mexico highly likely Texas
19th Century Americans believed it was inevitable for the country to pread west; this is called Manifest Destiny
Why was California being settled in the mid-1800's? People searching for wealth from the discovery of gold
What is Manifest Destiny? Believing Americans had the right to spread westward
What invention increased the need for more slaves? The cotton gin
What was a result of the rapid immigration to large US cities? ethnic neighborhoods
What did George Washington urge America in his farewell address? To value and maintain a sense of national unity.
Which group of people would have supported the political ideas and policies of Alexander Hamilton? business owners
What part of the Constitution contains fundamental liberties of US citizens? Amendments 1-10, Bill of Rights
Which Founder favored a strong national government and loose interpretation of the US Constitution Alexander Hamilton
Why was the 10th Amendment added to the Constitution? To balance national and state government power
When forming the legislative branch what did the writers of the Constitution base their ideas on? English Parliament
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