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history china #I-2


famine widespread shortage of food
leeves walls built by farmers to control floodwaters
Long river, chang jiang or yangtze river worlds third longest river
gorge mountain passes with steep rocky sides
steppes a dry, treeless plain witch isnt suitable for growing crops
chinas sorrow when the Huang he River floods and causes destruction
Huang He Yellow River/China's Sorrow: in northern china plain
loess a dusty, yellow soil that is easily carried by the wind
dynasty a line of rulers who belong to the same family
Fu Hao or "lady Hao," was the wife of the ruler Wu Ding
Oracle bones writing on cattle and sheep bones that tell the future
Zhou takes control 1100 the Zhou under there king Wu Ding took over the Shang dynasty
Wuwang the king of the Zhou, defeated the Shang Dynasty army and established a new dynasty in the Huang Valley
5 classics poetry( or songs ), the book of history, the Spring And Autum animals, the book of changes and the book of rituals
Confucious Chinas most famous scholar lived during the hundreds philosophy
Daoism means "The way" Lao Zi
Confucious beliefs key to happiness is a good education
Lao Zi beliefs daoism
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