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Deep Seated Mycoses

Microbiology 1 - Deep Seated Mycoses & Mushrooms

deep seated mycoses involves blood, brain & protected organs
types of deep seated mycoses coccidioides immitis, histoplasma capsulatum, pneumocystis jiroveci, filobasciella neoformans
coccidioides immitis is dimorphic
coccidioides immitis aka san joaquin valley fever
coccidioides immitis from dust particles filled w/fungal spores, spores inhaled = flu like illness, often self-limiting, Rx: amphotericin B
histoplasma capsulatum causes histoplasmosis/darling's disease, is dimorphic, mississippi & ohio river valleys
histoplasma capsulatum found in soil mixed w/feces (chicken houses, bat caves)
histoplasma capsulatum is granulomatous lesions in lungs, disseminate to other areas, Rx: amphotericin B
pneumocystis jiroveci formerly P. Carini
P. Jiroveci opportunistic fungi, infects people w/AIDS - more AIDS patients die of this secondary infection
P. Jiroveci causes extrapulmonary infections
P. Jiroveci Rx: combination of trimethoprim & sulfamethoxazole/pentamidine
filobasiciella neoformans formerly C. Neoformans
filobasiciella neoformans causes cryptococcosis
filobasiciella neoformans invades meninges & brain, carried by birds, affects AIDS patients,
filobasiciella neoformans Rx amphotericin B
Poisonous mushrooms aflatoxins & ergotamine
aflatoxins most potent carcingogens, may cause CA of liver, reach humans from food made w/mold-infested grain & peanuts
ergotamine toxic alkoloid produced by ergot-producing mold
ergotamine formed by C. Purpurea & used in drugs to treat migraines
Created by: JYarger