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Intermediate Mycoses

Microbiology 1 - Intermediate Mycoses

Intermediate mycoses subcutaneous tissue, involves blood vascular system & sometime brain, all can cause superficial mycoses
types of intermediate mycoses sporothrix schenckii, blastomyces dermatidis, candida albicans, aspergillus fumigatus, zygomycoses, madura foot/maduromycosis
sporothris schenckii granulomatous pus filled lesion
sporothrix schenckii sometimes disseminated to lungs & other organs
sporothrix schenckii rx amphotericin
blastomyces dermatidis see sporothrix schenckii
candida albicans major opportunistic agent
candidiasis most common nosocominal fungal infections: in AIDS patients
candida albicans may be transmitted sexually & by workers w/hands in water for long time - get skin & nail lesions
candida albicans can cause trival-oral thrush, perleche, vaginitis, nails & deadly-lungs, kidneys, blood, heart, brain tumor
Aspergillus fumigatus serious, fungus ball (farmer's lung), grows on decaying vegetables
aspergillus fumigatus initially invades wounds, burns, cornea & external ear
aspergillus fumigatus Dx finding hyphal fragments in biopsy tissues, death by asphyxiation
zygomycoses genre rhizopus
zygomycoses infects susceptible humans (untreated diabetics)
zygomycoses invades lungs, CNS & eyes, can be rapidly fatal, difficult to treat
madura foot maduromycosis
madura foot caused by soil organisms including madurella
other bacteria involved in madura foot nocardia actinomyses & streptomyces
madura foot results in more amputations than any other
mandura foot in tropical areas
mandura foot invades muscle and bones, difficult to treat
Created by: JYarger