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Microbiology 1 - Mastigophora

mastigophora motility undulating membrane & flagella
mastigophora nutrition permeation
mastigophora reproduction mostly binary fission
Pathogenic mastigophores trypanosoma gambiens, trypanosoma cruzi, giardi intestinalis, leishmania donovani, trichomonas vaginalis
trypanosoma gambiens transmitted via tsetse fly
2 species of Trypanosoma Gambiens T. Brucei Gambiense & T. Brucei Rhodesiense
T. Brucei Gambiense produces chronic disease, lasts several years b/f CNS involvement, deadly
T. Brucei Rhodesiense is rapidly progressive disease, fatal w/n few months b/f CNS involved
Trypanosoma Gambiens Rx: pentamidine, suramin, melarsoprol
Trypanosoma Cruzi causes Chagas' Disease
T. Cruzi transmittted by reduviid bugs (kissing, assassin bugs)
T. Cruzi form pseudocysts
T. Cruzi symptoms severe anemia, mm. pain, nervous disorders, heart disease=death, can destroy motor cortex, can cross placenta
Giardia Intestinalis most primative DNA of any eukaryote
Giardia Intestinalis transmitted by water supply & cyst present in stool
Giardia Intestinalis Sx: inflammatin of bowel, diarrhea, DEHYDRATION, weight loss, nuturitional deficiencies are common
Leishmania Donovani causes Kala Azar (Black poison) & is blood borne
Leishmania Donovani transmitted by sand fly (phlebotomus)
Leishmania Donovani Sx: high fever, weakness, wasting, liver & spleen enlargement
Leishmania Donovani Dx: blood smears
Leishmania Donovani Rx: antimony compounds
Forms of Leishmania Donovani Leishmania Braziliensis, Leishmania Tropica
Leishmania Braziliensis causes many skin lesions
Leishmania Tropica causes single skin lesion (oriental sore, delhi boil)
Trichomonas Vaginalis causes vaginitis - primarily an STD
Trichomonas Vaginalis can be transmitted by fomites (contaminated non living objects)
Trichomonas Vaginalis Sx: intense intching, copious white discharge
Trichomonas Vaginalis Rx: metroniodazole
Created by: JYarger