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dynasty a line of rulers who belong to the same family
Shang Dynasty had hundreds of towns along the Huang He river
Huang He annual floods of this 3,000 mile river in northern China deposit rich yellow silt on farms and helps the farmers but they also had the china's sorrow that killed thousands of inocent people
Tibetan Plateau a large high plain on the towering Himalaya Mountains, the southern edge.
loess a dusty yellow soil that is easily carried by the wind. During the summer, rain causes huge amounts of this soil to wash into the Huang He river. The word He in Chinese means Yellow
North China Plain Silt deposits create rich farmlands for crop growth in this area whenever the Huang He floods
Famine Widespread shortages of food
levees walls built by farmers to control a rivers flood
China's geographical regions rich river valley, deserts, high mountains, steppes, and vast plains. Like the Himalayas Tibetan Plateau and so on
Anyang the capital city of the shang dynasty
Fu Hao or lady hao fu was the wife of the king wu dingo. Records let us know that she led troops and ruled her town
Early Chinese writing bamboo and bones: shang writing had developed even before shang dynasty
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