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Rickettsia Part 2

Microbiology 1 - Rickettsia Part 2

Typhus Fever Rickettsia Prowazeki
Typhus Fever History WWI - 3 million died
Louse bites lice deposit organism next to bite, person scratches = transmission
lice abandon dead bodies & those w/high fevers
typhus fever incubation 12 days
Rash development trunk then to extremities
typhus fever treatement antibiotic therapy (erythromycin / chloramphenicol)
typhus fever mortality 3-40%
Brill's Zinsser Rickettsia Prowazeki reactivation
Brill's Zinsser aka recrudescent fever typhus
Brill's Zinsser studied among NYC European immigrants
Brill's Zinsser has milder symptoms & short duration
Brill's Zinsser often no skin rash
Brill's Zinsser caused by reactiviation of organism that has been in lymph nodes
Brill's Zinsser serologically distinguished from epidemic typhus
Endemic/Murine Typhus Rickettsia Typhi
R. Typhi rat associated, transmission similar to plague
R. Typhi transmission by scratch - organism enters mucous membranes
R. Typhi incubation 10-14 days
R. Typhi Sx: high fever, headache, rash
R. Typhi self-limiting - 2 wks if untreated
R. Typhi mortality 2%
Scrub Typhus Rickettsia Tsutsugamushi
R. Tsutsugamushi Japanese for "bad little bug"
R. Tsutsugamushi when soldiers crawled on bellies
R. Tsutsugamushi Sx: fever, chills, headache - sloughing lesion at site of bite = spotty rash
R. Tsutsugamushi moratily if untreated 50%
Rickettsial Pox Rickettsi Akari
Rickettsi Akari resembles chicken pox
Rickettsi Akari not deadly
Created by: JYarger