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Colonial Period


Cash crop grown for profit (not food) aka tabcco, cotton
Led rebellion against native american raids on the frontier. 1st rebellion in the colonies (virginia colony - 1676) also the first time colonists united with exindentured servants and slaves, which showed their potential to rebell. Bacon's Rebellion
Journey from africa to america Middle passage
ship captains sells these kinds of passengers when they reached the colonies in return for free passage to the colonies. Redemtioners
these people signed contracts saying they would work for a certain amount of years (3 to 7-ish) in exchange for passage, food, clothing and a place to live. they eventually gained freedom. Indentured Servants
John Locke "life, liberty, property" goverment serves the people, "social contract"
Montesquieu "the spirit of the laws" and idea of checks and balances
Wrote "the wealth of nations" with the idea of lassaie faire Adam Smith
Resulted in freedom of the press Zenger Trials, when John Peter Zenger was tired for libel, when he spoke ill of the government and published it in his newspaper.
Founder of Rhode Island, where church and state were seperate. Roger Williams
1st elected legislature in 1619 Virginia House of Burguses
the belief that only faith was nessasary for conversion. Antinomianism
Period of time in opoosing the enlightenment, trying to revive religion. Great awakening
belived in "inward light" and that gods will is inside peoples hearts. Quakers
where Quakers resided Pennsylvania
Anti-Quaker law 1656 in Massachusetts created because Puritans strongly disliked and opposed the Quakers
favored an educated ministry Old lights
supported the focus on an emotional experience New lights
where catholics resided Maryland
the last colony to be established as apart of the 13 colonies, where criminals and debetors were sent. Georgia
founder of georgia 1732 George Oglethort
group that wanted to break entirely from the Anglican church seperatists
King Philips War Indian tribe under Metacom (aka king philip) that attacked Puritan tribes using gurella warfare in 1675, resulting in the whites massacring the inidians
idea of exporting more than importing, balance of trade, and naval strength. england used the colonies to become self sufficient. the colonies were used for ship building and growing raw materials and cash crops. mercantilism
Regulated colony trade and shipping, requiring all trading has to pass through english ports and enforced import duties. Navigation Acts of 1660
Dominian of New England Under the rule of Sir Edmund Andros, who levied taxes on his own accord. Was established when Massachusetts lost its charter because investigators discovered that they were not following the navigation acts.
Allowed colonies to develope without overregulation Salutary Neglect
Items sold only to England, including cotton, ginger, wool, and indigo. Enumerated Articles
Johnathan Edwards Key preacher duringt the Great Awakening. Promoted emotional conversion
Albany Congress tried to draw up a treaty with the iroquis indians to defend themselves agains the french but failed.
attemt to make communication between colonies easier in order to join togehter for a mutual defense, but none of the colonies accepted it. Benjamin Franklin's Albany Plan of Union
Ended the French and Indian War Treaty of Paris 1763
created by George Grenville to prevent settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains. Kept the colonist closer, so easier to govern and also decreased conflicts with Idians. Proclamation of 1763
First Porprietary colony Maryland
Anne Hutchinson Led religious discussions in her home and was kicked out of massachusetts because it was against puritan beliefs
John Rolfe Brought tabbaco to the colonies and married Pocohontas
John Smith Leader of Jamestown
Philis Wheatley 1st black poet
George Whitefeild Preacher who traveled through the colonies promoting religion during the Great Awakening.
John Winthrop Govenor of the Massachusetts bay colony
`City Upon a Hill Puritan Utopia
Half-way Covant a form of partial church membership created by New England in 1662 (those who have not experienced conversion)
Headright System anyone coming to the colonies would received 50 acres of free land for himself and for each person accompanying him.
Joint Stock company financed colonization. a group of people who put in a certain amount of capitol in exchange for a stated number of shares.
Poor Richards Alamanac Written by Ben Franklin
name of the two companies that got the first charter to virginia London company and Plymouth company
Pilgrims came to the colonies on the Mayflower. they were seperatists who settled on Plymouth.
Mayflower Compact 1620. created on the mayflower before boarding land to state the purpose of their goverment would be to frame a "just and equal laws"
William Bradford Led the Plymouth colony
George Calvert led the Maryland colony
Thomas Hooker Led the conneticut colony
Guerilla Warfare hit and run tactics of indians
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