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MO constitution

All you need to know to study for the Missouri Constitution Test

The Missouri Constitution has _____ articles 12
According to the Preamble, the Missouri Constitution is established for Better government of the state
All political power is invested in and derives from The people of the state
The "People" may make changes to the Missouri Constitution provided that such a change does not conflict with what? The U.S. Constitution
Missouri is a free and independent state subject only to the U.S. Constitution and laws of the state
If a person voluntarily enters into a contract obligating him to support ($) a certian religon or church, he shall: Follow Through
A person can be imprisioned for nonpayment of: Fines and Penalties imposed by court of law
A Grand Jury may be convened by... an order of a judge with the power to try felony cases
A Trial by Jury in Criminal Cases may be dispensed with when Defendent waives right to jury trial
Under the Bill of Rights, What can a citizen of the state be denied Bail and right to carry a weapon
When can bail be denied? When crime is punished by death and its fairly sure they're guilty
There are ___ state senators and their term is ____ years 34; 4
How is Representation in the House of Representatives determined? Population based on ten year census
A senator, While serving in the General Assembly, also may serve as what? militia, reserve corps, school boards, or notaries public
When must a representative vacate his office in the General Assembly? If he moves out of the district
The House of Representatives can employ no more that ____ employees 125
the Senate can employ no more than ____ employees 75
All bills must be read ___ times 3
When and where do all bills go to once they are introduced? To the committee in the house its introduced after 30 days in even years and 60 days in odd years.
List the order of succession for Missouri's Executive office (1-4) Lt. Governer, President Pro Tempor of the Senate, Secretary of State, State Auditor
What are the duties of the Department of Mental Health? 1. Provide care, education, and training for those who have mental illness or retardation2.Have control of state intuitions or hospitals which can help those people
What are the duties of the Department of Revenue? 1. Collection division colleccts all state taxes, $ from licenses 2. County and town collectors collect state property tax (on tangible items)
What is the Governor's power with regards to Punishment? 1. hold up punishment for a crime 2. lower a punishment for a crime 3. give pardons except in cases of treason and impeachment
What is the Executive department's Duty (Governor) to keep the peace, see to it that laws are made, known, and followed.
What is the Jurisdiction for Missouri Supreme Court? About MO constitution, Whether a U.S. treaty or law holds good, U.S. laws, Money laws of Missouri, Rights of state officers, Right to appeal
The Missouri Supreme Court makes rules for all state courts but what can't they change? Rights given by Mo constitution, laws about evidence, Laws Re: oral examination of wittnesses, Laws Re: Juries, Right to trial by Jury, Right to appeal
On What grounds can a public official be impeacched and by whom? Crimes, bad behavior, being drunk often, not trying to do work, dishonesty in work, not being able to work, doing unclean things, being unfair in their work
Created by: godzgirl316