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Gov Court Cases

Court Cases About Civil Right/ Civil Liberties

New York Times vs. Sullivan For public officials, must prove that harm was meant with actual malice, reckless disreguard for the truth. (Libel of Politician)
Griswold vs. Connecticut Righ to privacy (To family between a husband and a wife)
Gregg vs. Georgia Death penalty legal-not cruel and unusual
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Racial discrimination in hotels, motels, restauraunts is illigal. Also, no job discrimination.
Roe vs. Wade Banning abortion is unconstitutional
Voting Rights Act of 1965 Ended literacy test, Register African American voters
Brown vs. Board School segregation is unconstitutional
Plessy vs. Ferguson "Separate but equal"
9th Amendment Enumeration in constitution
Lemon vs. Kurtzman Aid to church schools must: 1.) Have secular legisilative purpose 2.) Not help or hurt religion 3.) not have excessive government entanglement with religion
Wisconsin vs. Yoder Amish parents can take kids out of school after eigth grade. (Did not harm the public)
Texas vs. johnson Struck down law banning burning flag because that is symbolic speech.
Schenck vs. US Gov can limit speech if it provokes "clear and present danger" of substansive evils.
15th Amendment African Americans can vote.
Regents of University of California vs. Bakke Forbids rigis racial quota for med. school admissions but does not forbid considering race as a factor when deciding admissions.
Reynolds vs. Sims State Senates apportioned by "one person, one vote"
Furman vs. Georgia Death penalty not cruel and unusual if fairly applied
Gideon vs. Wainwright Right to a lawyer (6th amendment)
Miranda vs. Arizona guidelines for police questioning to protect from self-incriminating statements
Mapp vs. Ohio 4th amendment seach/seizures rule must be extended to states as well as federal governments
Near vs. Minnesota 1st Amendment protects newspaper from prior restraint (censorship)
Abington vs. Schempp Pennsylvania law requiring Bible reading in schools violates establishment clause in 1st Amendment
Engel vs. Vitale Officials violated 1st amendment when wrote prayer for New York school children
Barron vs. Baltimore Federal Bill of Rights applies to federal government
14th Amendment States must follow Bill of Rights
Gitlow vs. New York Freedom of the press and speech- a fundamental protected by due process and 14th amendment from the states and federal government.
Tinker vs. Des Moines Suspension from school because of black arm bands is illegal because speech is more than just words
Miller vs. California Avoids defining obsenity- community standards are used. "No purient interest, or patently offensive, must have SOME value"
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