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italy study guide/ study stack

Who speak French? Valdotains
in Alpine valleys several thousand people speak what? german
what is a slavic language that is spoken in the northeast of Italy? slovenian
about what percent of italians speak italian? 95
the standard form of language originated where? tuskany
two dialects of Italian that may be difficult ot understand are spoken where? sicily and sardinia
what is the name of the public meeting place in Rome? forum
What started in the 14th century and had a great impact on italian art? the renaissance
what were the three forms of early italian music? gregorain chant, troubadour song, and the madrigal
there are how many state and private universities in Italy? 27
what is the oldest university in Italy university of bologna
what is the largest university in the country? university of Rome
in italy, what is the most significant public health accomplishment? the elimination of malaria
the italian railroad is owned by who? the government
what is one of the world's longest railroad tunnels and connects italy and switzerland? simplon tunnel
during the 1920's the world's first what was built in northern italy? automobile expressways
superhighways that connect teh major cities of italy are called what? autostradas
what is Italy's type of government today? republic
italy's president is elected by who? the parliament
in italy how long is the presidents term 7 years
who elects the members of the legislature? the people
how long are the members terms of the legislature? five years
italy is divided into how many regions? 20
how many privinces are in italy? 103
tuscany, marche, umbrio, and what are regions in central italy? lazio
are world war l a "strong man" rose to power. what was his name? benito mussolini
what party did benito mussolini lead the fascist party
members of the fascist party were know as the wahts? black shirts
why did the fascist party grow? because Mussolini promised benefits to everyone
Mussolini became know as who? Il Duce
what were three changes Mussolini and the Fascists party bring to Italy? People had no voice in government, built up Italian navy, and named the leaders of provinces and mayors.
italy invaded and defeated the African nation of what? ethiopia
mussolini and adof hitler started what the rome berlin axis
italy joind WW11 in 1940 by attacking what country? france
TRUE or FALSE: Italy's military was not poerful enough to fight a large-scale war true
what were two changes that were brought about in Italy's new constitution? freedom of religion, and the fascist party and monarchy ended.
Since WW11 has ended, what party has been the most powerful force in Itlay's government? christian dimocrates
italy is a what shaped peninsual? boot
italy extends into the what sea? mediterranean sea
what ancient kings name could have been the source of Italy's name? italo
in the mid what century did the nations of the italian peninsula unite? 19
the what seperate italy from france, switzerland, and Austria? the alps
who is italy's neighbor to the northeast? slovenia
the toe of the italian boot seems to kick an island named what sciliy
what are the two small independent countries inside italy? republic of san marino and vatican city
what fraction of italy is covered with mountains and hills? 2/3
what is Italy's highest point? Gran Pradiso
What mountain range makes up Italy's spine? Apennine range.
when did vesuvius erupt? a.d.79
what cities did vesuvius destroy when it exploded? pompeii and herculaneum
what is the largest lake in Italy? garda river
what two rivers are the only ones navigable in Italy? po and adige
what river flows threw italy's capital? the tibe river
what is one of italy's important sources of power? hydroelectricity
italy is the world's leading producer of what marble
the what alps are topped with marble which makes them look like they are topped with snow? the apuane alps
what are hot winds called scirocco
what is the vast majority of religion? roman catholic
who is the patron of Naples? San Genaro
when is italians chrismast? january 6
what is middle school called in italy? scuola media
how many pasta shapes are there? 100
what is the national sport of Italy soccer
who was Italy's most famous opera singer? Luciano Pavarotti
what is italy's second largest citie? milan
what is the name of he most famous opera house in the world? la scala
what was Naples massive problem in 2008? garbage removal
residents of veice call their city what? the bride of the adriatic
what city is the birthplace of the renaissance in Italy? florence
what river flooded in 1966 causing tremendous damage to the priceless works of art there? the arno river
what means new city? neopolis
where does the pope live? vatican city
what is in the heart of Millan? piazzad duomo cathedral
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