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Ch. 3 vocab

3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 vocab

Mission A settlement in Native American territory designed to convert Native Americans to christany
Presidio A Spanish fort that protects a mission
Catechism A set of questions and answers about catholic beliefs.
Epidemic The rapid spread of a disease in a short time.
Cede To formally give up ownership of something
Transform To charge in character or condition
Establish To settle: to make towns. communities and homesteads in an area.
Friar Started missions: members of church clergy like a priest or pastor.
Factor Part of what creates a result piece or contribution
Fillbuster A person who wages an unoffical war on a country.
Benefit Something that is good for a person.
Philip Nolan Horse Trader
James Wikinson General
Natural Ground Agreement Agreement between spain and u.s that no troops would occupy this land
Class Social rank
Peninsulares Born in Spain
Criollos Born in New Spain to Spanish parents.
Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
Jose Bernardo Guterrez de Lara
Battle of Medina
James long
Republic A nation in which voters elect representatives to make law.
Occupied Spain the people of spain resisted French rule.
Monarchist Who clung their high Social status and traditions
Augustine de Iturbide The leader of the monarchists
Achieve Collections of important public documents such as constations and other public records.
Anti-Monarchist Deeply commited to both liberty and equality
Plan of Iguala The plan stated that mexico would become a independent nation
Treaty of Cordoba The nation of mexico was born
Moose Austin An American buisness man that hoped to make a living off of bringing settlers to Texas.
Sitio A spanish unit of measure representing 4,428 areas of land
Speculator Person who bought large areas of land and try to sell some of it.
Stephen F. Austin " The Father of Texas-son of moses-carried out his father dream and is creadited with populating Tx with settlers.
Agriculture The work of preparing the soil, producing crops and raising livestock.
Collapse To break down or fail completely.
Militia A group of armed citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency.
Grant A possesion such as land, legally given to someone for free or very little money.
Partnership Association of two or more people in a business venture.
San Felipe de Austin The main town of Austin colony where he did all his business.
Conduct To direct or lead
Republic of Fredonia Haden Edwards failed attempt to free from Mexica.
Census An official count of the population of a region
Tejano People with Mexican ancestry that lived in Texas
Martin de Leon The only Mexican Empressaria that brought Mexican settlers to Texas.
Green Dewitt A Texan empressario that brought 400 families to Texas
Minister A person sent to another country to represent their home country to the government.
Civilians People who are not in the armed forces
Self-goverment A government in which the people take an active role in making laws and decisions.
Tactics an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.
Influences the ability to have an affect on the development of something
Parishioner a person that lives in a particular parish (county) and is a member of the area
Rivals two or more people in a lasting competitive relationship
Compromise an agreement made by both parties agreeing to give up or change their demands or stipulations in order to both agree
Suited What is right or appropraite for a person or situation
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