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history unit 1 test

what does relative mean location of an area in relation to another object or area
what does absolute mean exact location
what does physical mean the natural feature of an area
what does human mean how humans impacted the area
what is movement how people, products & ideas move from one place to another
what is region combining areas by using at least 1 common characteristic
human environment interaction how humans impacted the landscape and how the environment acts w/ humans
what states are in the SOUTH EAST region Maryland, west va, va, kentucky, tennessee, north carolina south carolina georgia alabama mississippi louisiana arkansas flordia
important cities in south east Washington DC Atlanta, GA New orleans, LA Miami, FL
MIDWEST STATES ohio, indiana, Illinois, michigan, wisconsin, minnesota, iowa, missouri, kansas, nebraska, south dakota, north dakota
NORTHEAST maine, vermont, new hampshire, connecticut, massachusetts, rhode island, Ny, Nj, Pennsylvania, delaware
southwest texas, oklahoma, new mexico, arizona
rocky mountains colorado, utah, nevada, montana, wyoming, idaho
pacific washington, oregon, california
non contiguous hawaii and alaska
midwest cities chicago, IL st. Louis, MO Detroit, MI
northeast cities NY, Ny Boston, MA Pittsburgh, PA Philadelphia, PA
south west cities san antonio, TX santa fe, Nm
rocky mountain cities Denver, CO Salt Lake City, UT
pacific cities San francisco CA Los angeles, CA Seattle WA
non contiguous cities Juneau AL Honolulu HI
what was abe lincolns plan 100% plan, allows southern states to rejoin US if 10% of voters agreed to the end of slavery
Roberts lee's plan urged of southerns to reconcile w/ the north stayed silent about laws for the equality of african americans
frredrick douglass plan fought for african american voting rights
andrew johnson became president after lincoln was assinated war democrat from south used veto power to block laws trying to help blacks in the south
radical republicans impeach johnson and take control of reconstruction create freedman's bureau aids african americans in the south sent federal troops to the south to enforce laws
13th amendment bans slavery in us south responds with share cropping
14th amendment crants citizenship, equal protection under the law south responds with black codes
15th amendment right to vote regardless of race south responds with poll taxes & literacy tests grandfather clause
election of 1876 rutherford hayes (republican) vs samual tilden (democrat) hayes wins electoral vote and tilden wins popular vote
compromise of 1877 hayes became president must withdraw troops from the south
jim crow laws southern government created laws to legally discriminate against black people
plessy vs ferguson supreme court case legalizing "separate but equal"
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