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U S History

5th grade: Unit 7 - New Nation

What are the Articles of Confederation? a document to plan our government. Ratified (accepted) in 1781. It gave our central government few powers.
What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? Gov't could not pass laws to tax goods coming into the country; they did not have power to control trade between states; states printed their own monies; they couldn't tax the states to come up with money to pay off war debt.
What was an "Antifederalist" and what did they want? A person who was against a strong central government and wanted to protect people's rights; they wanted to amend (make changes) to the Constitution.
What was a "Federalist" and what did they want? A person who supported strong central government and wanted to ratify/accept the Constitution
What was the Virginia Plan? A proposed plan to replace the Articles of Confederation. The plan gave more power to Congress and split it into 2 houses/assemblies. The # of representatives in each house would be based on the state's population.
What was the New Jersey Plan? This plan to replace the Articles of Confederation wanted only one house/assembly in Congress where each state had the same number of representatives.
What is the Great Compromise? A settlement of the disagreement between the Virginia Plan and the N.J. plan. There would be 2 houses in Congress (Senate & House of Representatives). One would have the same # if reps for each state; the other would be based on the states' population.
What is a confederation? a group of states that unites to form a larger state with a central government
What is the 3/5 compromise? 3 out of 5 enslaved people would be counted as part of the state's population.
What is the Preamble and what is it's purpose? the introduction/beginning of the Constitution; it's purpose is to explain the purpose of the Constitution.
What is the Bill of Rights? The first amendment (change/addition) to the Constitution is called the Bill of Rights (there are 10 of them and they attempt to secure people's rights and freedoms).
What are the first 3 items of the Bill of Rights? 1. freedom of religion, speech and press. 2. right to bear arms. 3. not force home owners to house soldiers
Executive branch President and Vice-President -- serves 4-year term. Does not make laws, but can veto (reject) laws passed by Congress. Makes sure laws are carried out; commands the armed forces; appoints Supreme Court judges
Judicial branch Supreme Court and other federal courts; judges serve life terms. They decide if laws are constitutional; can overturn laws; can overturn President's actions
Legislative branch Congress: serve 2-year terms 1.House of Representatives 2.Senate make laws; establish taxes; can override the President's veto; can refuse to appoint the President's choice of judge
What are a US citizen's responsibilities? vote; educate oneself on issues and candidates B-4 voting; pay taxes; follow laws
Name at least 2 patriotic songs? America the Beautiful Star Spangled Banner America
Created by: joesiska