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US History I Final

The dominant political party during the early 1800's was the Republican
Francis Lowell founded the first mill in America to put spinning and weaving under on roof in this state Location 21 Massachusetts
The growing nationalism of the late 1810s and 1820s was reflected in all the following developments except The crisis over the admission of Missouri
In the case of Gibbons v Ogden in 1824, the Supreme Court Strengthened the power of congress to regulate interstate commerce
Under the Missouri Compromise, the entrance of Missouri as a state of the Union was paired with the admission of Maine
The delegation to the panama conference of 1826 was undermined when Congress took too long in approving the mission
This state enters the union as a free state by a compromise in 1829 Location 19 Maine
A representative from this state tries to end slavery in Missouri statehood bill Location 32 Maine
By 1820, the United States had seen significant progress in transportation in the form of significantly improved River steamboats
John Jacob Astor established a trading post for his American fur company in what will become this state Location 37 Oregon
The John Marshall court was responsible for strengthening The interests of the propertied and commercial classes
One immediate effect of the Monroe Doctrine was that it Served as an important expression of emerging American nationalism
Which happened first? Mexico won her independence from Spain
Before 1825, the main routes west were the Ohio and Monongahela River
Those who accused John Quincy Adams of a "corrupt bargain" maintained that he traded with Henry Clay for presidency
In the 1819 case of McCullough v Maryland, the Supreme Court decided that the Doctrine of implied powers was valid
The period 1817 to 1821 became known as the "era of good feelings" because there Was only one major political party
During the Jeffersonian era, American education exhibited all the following characteristics except many more schools became available to the poor
The Americans finally went to war with Britain because they were angry over all of the answers below
The intellectual products of the rational skepticism of the late 1700s included all the following except The second great awakening
During the War of 1812, the United States achieved victory at all of the following locations Fort Dearborn
The Second Great Awakening resulted in all of the following developments except a renewal of belief in the idea of predestination
Which came first? Treaty of Ghent was signed
During the early 1800s, the Second Great Awakening featured all of the answers below
James Murray founded the Universalist Church in this state. Location 21 MASS
During the War of 1812, the United States suffered defeats at all of the following locations except River Thames
Between 1785 and 1815, the Indians of the Northwest and Canada allied themselves with the British because the British historically limited western expansion into Indian lands
Because of opposition to the War of 1812, a movement toward secession was made by New England Federalists
During his long political career, Aaron Burr did all of the following things except winning the governorship of New York in 1804
The steamboat Clermont first sailed in this state Location 32 New York
The British increased their use of impressment because they claimed America employed British deserters in the U.S. navy
The Second Great Awakening had a great impact on all of the answers below
Henry Clay was from this state. Location 17 Kentucky
Andrew Jackson defeated the Indians at Horseshoe Bend in what will become this state. Location 1 Alabama
Which came first? Battle of Tippecanoe took place
Tecumseh wanted to accomplish all of the following objectives except forcing all whites back across the Appalachian Mountains
The beginning of the American Industrial Revolution during the early 1800s resulted from all of the following developments except monetary assistance from the federal government to new factories
Gabriel Prosser planned a slave revolt in this state. Location 46 Virginia
The Republican vision of America as proposed by Thomas Jefferson included the ideal of a society of sturdy, independent farmers
As a result of Jefferson's troubles with the Barbary Coast of North Africa between 1801 and 1805, the United States took the action of all of the answers below
During Jefferson's administration, the city of Washington was best described as a raw provincial village whose population increased steadily but slowly
As an individual, President Thomas Jefferson displayed excellent political skills
Which came first? British ship Leopard defeated United States ship Chesapeake
The last battle of the War of 1812 was fought in this state. Location 18 Louisiana
During the Jeffersonian era, American education exhibited the characteristic of private institutions dominating the educational system
One example of dangerous medical treatment during the early 1800s was the continued use of bleeding as a method of healing
Many early American literary figures glorified the virtues of American people and American culture
The principal crop of the Southwest of the early 1800s was cotton
The tariff of 1828 was not popular in New England because it protected raw materials
When Adams refused to enforce the treaty between William McIntosh, a representative of the Creeks, and white Georgians, the governor of Georgia decided to make plans for the removal of the Indians anyway
Many trappers and mountain men lived peacefully and successfully with Native Americans
William Becknell offered Americans goods to Mexicans in this territory in 1821 Location 31 New Mexico
The National Road began in this state Location 20 Georgia
In Worcester v Georgia, the supreme court ruled that the Indians were not subject to state laws
In negotiating the Florida question, John Quincy Adams was able to obtain the cession of Florida when Jackson seized the Spanish forts at St. Marks and Pensacola
The United States gave up its claims to this future state by the Adams-Onis Treaty Location 43 Texas
John Quincy Adams' presidency saw all of the following events except success in protecting Indians in Georgia
The "era of good feelings" became a popular label for the administration of James Monroe
Major Stephen H Long led an 1819 and 1820 expedition that labeled the Great Plains the "Great American Desert"
The Monroe Doctrine was developed as a result of all of the answers below
The oldest political party in the United States is the Democratic party
Webster's main weakness as a presidential candidate for the Whigs was his close connections with rich men and big business
Significant conflict arose between Jackson and his cabinet over the Eaton affair
Which came first? Anti-Masons held a national party nominating convention
Andrew Jackson fit into the new concept of the political party by removing large numbers of entrenched officeholders
The following pairs match historians with their attitudes toward Jackson's impact on history. The correct pair is Frederick Jackson Turner—Jackson represented the rise of the West to challenge the power of the East
The Dorr Rebellion took place in this state Location 39 Rhodes Island
The philosophy of the Whig party supported control of westward expansion
Andrew Jackson and his followers believed that the United States needed to challenge the power of the eastern elites
In 1828, the only state not to choose its presidential electors by popular vote was South Carolina
During Andrew Jackson's presidency, the common people gained political power through all of the following means except enfranchisement of women and free blacks
The theory of nullification was based on the writings of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson
In response to South Carolina's vote to nullify the tariffs of 1828 and 1832, President Andrew Jackson took all of the following actions except arresting John C Calhoun
One problem the Whig party faced in the 1830s was its failure to unify behind one of the party's able candidates
The theory of nullification is based on the principal that individual states may declare federal laws unconstitutional
The Jackson administration actively promoted the rights of none of the answers below
Supreme Court case of Charles River Bridge v Warren Bridge came from this state. Location 21 Mass
Seminole tribe of this state had limited success in resisting relocation Location 9 Florida
This state threatened nullification of the "Tariff of Abominations." Location 40 South Carolina
o reduce the influence of the Bank of the United States, Roger Taney followed the policy of gradually moving federal funds into state banks
The Bank of the United States benefited the U.S. economy by all of the answers below
Which came first? Creation of the "pet banks"
Robert Hayne was a senator from this state Location 40 South Carolina
The Maysville Road Bill was for a road solely in this state Location 17 Kentucky
Vice-President John Tyler came from this state Location 46 Virginia
In Jacksonian America, the Democratic Party's philosophy was based on all of the following ideas except the stimulation of the economy by the federal government
Martin Van Buren led the "Buck-tails" in this state Location 32 New York
Before the democratization of the 1820s and 1830s, states restricted the influence of the ordinary citizen in politics by all of the following methods except restricting voting to members of a specific church
After the Doff Rebellion in the early 1840s, the state government of Rhode Island Drafted a new, more democratic, constitution
116 P.T. Barnum opened his American Museum in this state. Location 32 New York
In the 1840s and 1850s, labor unions typically excluded female workers
Popular theater activities for antebellum included Shakespearean parodies like "Hamlett and Egglet"
The rise of the factory began in the textile industry in the Northeast
The automatic reaper revolutionized farming by making the labor of grain production much quicker
The Erie Canal revolutionized domestic markets because it permitted the transfer of goods from New York to New Orleans along the inland waterways
All of the following men contributed significantly to the improvement in communications and journalism in the 1840s and 1850s except John Stevens
A factory system using young women, mainly farmers' daughters, was common in this state Location 21 MASS
Those cities along the East coast that were not able to successfully construct canals linked to the West were eventually able to capitalize on the newly emerging railroad industry
The Erie Canal was built in this state Location 32 New York
The situation of women and immigrants in the factory system was similar in that they both were powerless to affect pay rates or working conditions
In the mid-1800s, the social status of women included all of the following conditions except women had much better access to education than in the 1700s
The Jerome I Case factory in this state made threshing machines Location 49 Michigan
Conditions for Irish-Catholic workers in the 1840s included all of the following except defending their rights by joining national unions
State in which John Deere established a factory to produce steel plows Location 13 Illinois
Which happened first? Water power and wood fueled the factories
In farming communities, people were especially drawn together by the culture of organized religion
The city that gained the most form the success of the Erie Canal was New York
The economic revolution that transformed America between 1820 and 1860 brought all of the following changes except the creation of a more united country
All of the following statements about the lives of blacks in the North are true except life in the North was hard, but at least there was no segregation
One item that was not in evidence in most antebellum kitchens was a refrigerator
One of the first women's colleges, Mount Holyoke, was in this state Location 21 Mass
Home state for Cyrus McCormick Location 46 Virginia
Among the most popular formats of entertainment in antebellum America, as epitomized by P.T. Barnum, were lectures
In general, nativists believed that immigrants were politically corrupt and took jobs away from U.S. citizens
Between 1800 and 1860, the nature of the family changed because of the decline in the rate of births
In the early years of the U.S. factory system, working conditions for women and children were better than England
The Native American Party was formed in this state in 1845 Location 38 Pennsylvania
The early railroads of the 1820's and 1830s primarily served as linkages between water routes
Much of the population increase of the 1820s resulted from a slow decline in the mortality rate
The continuation of slavery resulted in the all of the answers below
The domestic slave trade in the period 1820-1860 often included the separation of families
In the 1850s, the price of a prime field hand slave was about $1,000
Which happened first? Gabriel Prosser planned his rebellion
The slave system was characterized by considerable variety in the conditions under which slaves lived
Gabriel Prosser tried to start a slave revolt in this state Location 46 Virginia
James De Bow was a resident of this state when he published his magazine Location 18 Louisiana
Slaves developed their own African-American versions of all of the following cultural forms except school
The greatest disadvantage for crops that competed with cotton was that the other crops were limited by soil and climate conditions
Nat Turner started the last slave revolt in this state Location 46 Virginia
Denmark Vessey tried to start a slave revolt in this state Location 40 South Carolina
Slavery in the south exhibited all of the following characteristics except the African slave trade grew larger each decade until the Civil War
The southern planter class dominated the political, economical, and social life of the region
Preston Brooks was a congressman from this state Location 40 South Carolina
One effect of Nat Turner's rebellion was the decline in the number of slaves freed in the South
Birth state for Harriet Tubman Location 20 Georgia
The greatest unifying force in the south was race
An instrument that had its origins in Africa is the banjo
From 1820 to 1860 the slave population experienced a huge increase in the lower south
Southerners considered slavery incompatible with city life because they feared possible slave conspiracies and insurrection
Slaves often disliked serving as household servants on large plantations for all of the following reasons except they were more likely to be sold to the owners of other plantations
For dangerous tasks many plantation owners used immigrant labor
The percentage of white Southerners who were members of slave owning families was approximately 25%
Compared with white women in the North white women in the South had less access to education
Which happened first? Nat Turner's rebellion took place
Which happened first? Economic power in the South was in the "Upper South"
Small farmers in the south possessed all of the following characteristics except independence from the plantation system
The best known novels of James Fenimore Cooper featured tales of the frontiersmen in American wilderness
The early Mormons responded to the hostility that they encountered by migrating to the West
Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote scathingly of the dangers of individuality in such novels as The scarlet letter
This state included a "burned-over" district Location 32 New York
The leading Southern novelists of the 1830s and 1840s wrote romantic eulogies of the plantation system
In the early antislavery movement of the 1810s and 1820s the most common plan called for the colonization of freed slaves in Africa
The Seneca Falls convention of 1848 promoted women's rights
The temperance movement of the 1800s featured all of the answers below
The majority of Northerners regarded the abolitionists as dangerous, fanatical revolutionaries
The works of Oliver Wendell Holmes and Ignaz Semmelweiss began to convince some physicians that diseases could be transmitted from one person to another
The reformers of the 1840s and 1850s believed that the best answer for the future of Native Americans was reservations
Robert Owen created a utopia community of New Harmony in this state Location 14 Indiana
Antebellum feminists were generally active in other reform movements as well
The asylum movement of the 1800s incorporated the principle of firm, yet humane, treatment to rehabilitate the criminal and insane
Transcendentalism was centered in this state Location 21 Mass
Before the civil war, the United States education system had helped to achieve one of the highest literacy rates in the world
During the 1800s members of the temperance movement agreed almost unanimously that abstinence should promote the moral self-improvement of individuals
The Oneida Community became controversial because of its rejection of what it called the demands of male lust
Women's rights convention at Seneca Falls was held in this state Location 32 New York
Brook Farm was noted for its attempt at Utopian communal living
The cultural nationalism of American intellectuals of the 1800s generally celebrated the uniqueness of the American democratic spirit
The transcendentalists called for the use of emotion and institution to go beyond the confines of
In the North before the Civil War the majority of the population reacted to abolitionists by treating them as a threat to society even doing them bodily harm
Before the Civil War Northern blacks were generally limited to the most menial jobs
Birth state for the Grimke sisters Location 40 South Carolina
Antislavery sentiment underlay the formation in the 1840 of the Liberty party
Herman Melville created the epic tale of Captain Ahab's obsession with the pursuit of the great white whale in the novel Moby Dick
The Mormon Church was created in this state Location 32 New York
The birth state for Frederick Douglass Location 20 Georgia
In 1851 this state passed laws to restrict the sale and consumption of alcohol Location 19 Maine
Democrats held their first convention in this state Location 40 South Carolina
Which happened first? The Battle of the Alamo took place
Despite earlier efforts to settle the issue, the slavery question became a major issue in the 1840s and 1850s because the nation was expanding to the west
The provisions of the Compromise of 1850 included abolishing the slave trade in the District of Columbia
Gold was discovered here in 1848 at Sutter's Mill Location 5 California
In the 1857 case of Dred Scott v Sanford, the Supreme Court ruled that Congress had no authority to exclude slavery from the federal territories
John Brown first comes to prominence in this territory Location 16 Kansas
The Lincoln-Douglas debates took place in this state Location 13 Illinois
President Zachary Taylor favored the swift admission of new states from the Mexican Cession with the issue of slavery decided by the local inhabitants
The battle of Jacinto took place in this territory Location 43 Texas
The proposal for popular sovereignty called for deciding the issue of slavery in the territories through a popular vote by the residents of each territory
From the 1820s to 1840s Americans became involved in trade with New Mexico by traveling along the Santa Fe Trail
From the 1830s onward the general position of white southerners on the issue of slavery became increasingly sensitive and rigid in defense of the slave labor system
Stephen Douglas's intention in introducing the Kansas-Nebraska bill seems to have been to promote the construction of a Midwestern transcontinental railroad
In the election campaign of 1844 Henry Clay tried to avoid the issue of texas
The turmoil over the Kansas-Nebraska Act led to the creation of the Republican party
A significant aspect of James Buchanan's win over John C Fremont in the election of 1856 was Fremont's ability to gain votes in the South
According to president Polk war with Mexico began when Mexican troops crossed the Rio Grande and attacked American troops
The Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854 contained all of the following except declaring the Wilmot Proviso void
The California Gold Rush resulted in all of the following developments except the kidnapping of thousands of Chinese to serve as workers
The first political party to disintegrate over the issue of slavery was the Whig
Popular sovereignty failed in Kansas because of illegal voting by Missouri residents
In the 1840s the Oregon Country's ownership remained in dispute between the United States and Great Britain
Franklin Pierce was from this state Location 29 New Hampshire
The Wilmot Proviso that prohibited slavery in any territory acquired from Mexico passed the House but lost in the state
By 1845, 700 Americans were in California engaged in the occupation of all of the answers below
Which happened first? Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed
The Lecompton Constitution was for this territory Location 16 Kansas
Martin Van Buren lost the 1844 Democratic party nomination for president because he did not favor the immediate annexation of Texas
The popularity of baseball received its greatest boost from the American Civil War
This state seceded from the south and was admitted as a state in 1863 Location 48 West Virginia
The confederacy financed its war effort primarily by printing paper money
During the Civil War the Northern economy changed in that the coal industry increased production
The Emancipation Proclamation freed all the slaves of the south except those already under Union control
The Emancipation Proclamation was significant in that it all of the answers below
The Civil War began when the south fired on northern forces in Fort Sumter
In his first inaugural address, Lincoln laid down all the following basic principles except the institution of slavery would not be allowed to continue anywhere in the United States
George McClellan's Peninsular Campaign took place in this state Location 46 Virginia
During the American Civil War, Great Britain adopted the policy of remaining neutral, while permitting limited aid to the Confederates
The first battle of Bull Run ended in a stunning rout of the Union army
By the end of 1862, the Union had captured large parts of Tennessee
By late 1860, the divisive forces that had always existed within the United States were no longer counterbalanced by all of the answers below
The three day battle of Gettysburg took place in this state Location 38 Pennsylvania
Grant's Wilderness Campaign took place in this state Location 46 Virginia
The battle of Antietam was the bloodiest single day's fighting of the war
As the commander in chief of the Union army, President Lincoln was highly competent but not infallible
The first major Southern city captured by Union forces was New Orleans
During 1863, the Union forces achieved decisive victories that effectively sealed the fate of the Confederacy in the battles of Vicksburg and Gettysburg
Which occurred first? Winfield Scott commanded the Union armies
Which occurred first? Sherman took Atlanta
The confederate war effort was somewhat centralized, but greatly hampered by state governments protecting their states' rights
The Battle of Wilson's Creek took place in this state Location 25 Missouri
Senator J Crittenden was from this state Location 17 Kentucky
In the North, the Civil War had the effect on women of hastening the conversion of nursing into a female occupation
During the Civil War, the largest sources of revenue for the U.S. government was borrowing
Lee surrendered to Grant in this state Location 46 Virginia
Henry VIII started the English Reformation because he required a divorce in order to remarry
Roanoke Island is in this modern day state Location 33 (North Carolina)
Prior to the arrival of Columbus, the peoples of the present United States had less elaborate political systems than the peoples in Central and South America had
Which came first? Balboa crosses the isthmus of Panama
Which came first? Bartholomeu Dias rounded the Cape of Good Hope
Disagreements between historians have included the topics of all of the answers below
Which came first? St. Augustine is established
The Spanish conquest of the Aztecs was, in part, due to the diseases the Spaniards had given the Indians
Which came first? Cortes defeats the Aztecs
The first few British expeditions to North America resulted in the failure to establish successful permanent settlements
According to the principles of mercantilism, a successful nation should export its own goods in exchange for gold and silver
The majority of English Puritans were religious dissenters who wished to purify Anglican forms of worship
Before 1492, the many different Native American societies that existed in what is now the United States filled their food needs by all of the answers below
Over the past century, when historians have estimated the population of Indians in North America before Columbus, they have generally increased the estimates of the native population
Before the arrival of Columbus, all Native American tribes assigned women the tasks of caring for children
Before the coming of Europeans, the peoples who lived in what is now the United States had not developed a common language
The Dutch established their claims in North America through the efforts of the explorer Henry Hudson
Between 1500 and 1600, the reasons that the Spanish traveled to the Americas included all of the following motives except destroying large English colonies in South America
Because of their experiences in Ireland, most English colonists came to believe that they should establish an English society separate from the native population
All of the following statements are true of the French colonists in North America except their numbers grew rapidly because of their success in building industries
The first permanent English settlement in the New World was established at Jamestown
The first American-born child of an English settler was Virginia Dare
The first European country to launch long ocean voyages of exploration was Portugal
Which came first? Mary rules England
Between 1500 and 1550, exploration of the New World was dominated by the Spanish
John Smith helps save this colony Location 46 Virginia
This colony was for dissident Quakers Location 38 Pennsylvania
This colony has a Charter of Liberties Location 38 Pennsylvania
Jacob Leisler seized power in this colony Location 32 New York
During its first few years, Jamestown suffered from the debilitating effects of malaria
The first governor of Plymouth Plantation was William Bradford
In the early 1600s, the common characteristics of the English colonies included all of the following except they made efforts to blend English society with native societies
All of the following statements are true of the Maryland colony except it was attacked early and often by neighboring Indians
This colony brought its charter over to North America Location 21 Massachusetts
Which came first? The English Civil War
Colony with the House of Burgesses Location 46 Virginia
The Carolinas exhibited all of the following characteristics except they prohibited slavery
William Berkeley came to be seen as an autocratic ruler of Virginia when he restricted the right to vote to wealthy landowners
This colony was run by the Puritans Location 21 Mass
The Massachusetts Bay colony exhibited all of the following characteristics except it was granted less local autonomy than other colonial experiments
Following the Stuart Restoration, Charles II issued charters for four new colonies in North America
Location of Jamestown Location 46 Virginia
Which came first? Navigation Acts are implemented
The English colonization of North America established trading centers in cities on the eastern seaboard
This colony is given to the Calvert family Location 20 Maryland
Early settlers in Georgia resented the lack of all of the answers below
Which came first? The Pequot War occurs
The survival and expansion of Virginia were due, in part, to the discovery that tobacco would grow well there
This colony was created by Roger Williams Location 39 Rhode Island
The eastern region of the Virginia colony was finally saved from Indian attack after the colonists suppressed the uprising of 1644
Bacon's Rebellion was significant in that it all of the answers below
Anne Hutchinson ran afoul of the Massachusetts clergy for all of the following dissenting views except the church and the government should be completely separate
In the late 1600s, life expectancy was greater in the northern colonies than in the southern colonies for all of the following reasons except the northern colonies had fewer cities to breed epidemics
Roughly one-fourth of indentures in the Chesapeake were women
During the entire time of the Atlantic slave trade, European and colonial slavers transported from Africa to the Americas about 11 million Africans
In the 1600s, the high sex ratio of men to women in the Chesapeake meant that females had much latitude in the choice of husbands
This colony has the college later called Princeton Location 30 New Jersey
Almanacs revealed that Americans delighted in humor that all of the answers below
In the 1600s, Puritan New England family structure was more stable than that of southern colonies
By the beginning of the eighteenth century, some Americans were growing troubled by an apparent decline in religious piety in their society
Medical care in early colonial America revealed that there was little use of the scientific method
America's most famous almanac, Poor Richard's Almanac, was published by Benjamin Franklin
The Puritan theologian Cotton Mather (after advice from his slave) came to believe that smallpox could be defeated by inoculation
The economy of the northern colonies exhibited all of the following characteristics except they had highly successful manufacturing concerns protected by English law
Immigrants from Europe came to the American colonies because of all of the answers below
During the 1600s and 1700s, the southern economy was characterized by all of the following conditions except the development of a merchant class
The southern agrarian economy was dominated by wealthy landowners
This colony was home to King's College Location 32 New York
The Making of New World Slavery, by Robin Blackburn stressed a theme of economic advantages of slavery
Colonial cities displayed all of the following characteristics except they had residents who were roughly equal in wealth
The American political system developed differently than the British political system because Britain did little to exert its authority before 1760
The witchcraft hysteria in Salem and other New England towns was a reflection of economic strains within the community
The rise of commerce in the English colonies was aided by a group of adventurous entrepreneurs
One problem with early American industries was there was no commonly accepted currency
The most popular nonreligious literature in early America was almanacs
The first college in North America was in this colony Location 21 MASS
In religious matters, each of the colonies had a variety of different churches existing side by side
All of the following are true about the transport of African slaves except conditions varied little from ship to ship
The basic unit of social life in colonial New England was the town
The location of first significant metals industry in the colonies Location 21 Mass
The Great Awakening of the 1700s came in response to a decline in religious piety
The system of temporary servitude in the New World included a labor force that never volunteered to come to the colonies
During the French and Indian War, the last major occurrence in America was the surrender of Montreal
In response to the Coercive Acts, the colonists took all of the following actions except passing a plan for a colonial union under British authority
Colonial leaders based their opposition to British policies on the philosophies of all the answers below
Thomas Hutchinson was attacked by the Sons of Liberty in this colony. Location 21 Mass
Following the "Boston Massacre" of 1770, Samuel Adams stirred up public outrage and then helped to create a committee of correspondence
Paul Revere came from this colony. Location 21 Mass
By agreeing to the Peace of Paris, the French did all of the following except gaining territory in India
In the 1750s, the relationship between the British Empire and the American colonies was characterized by most Americans believing that the benefits of the empire far outweigh the costs
Location of Braddock's defeat Location 38 Pennsylvania
Charles Townshend closed down this colonial assembly. Location 32 New York
The Proclamation of 1763 was supported by Indians
The "shot heard round the world" took place in this colony. Location 21 Mass
In 1754, representatives met in this colony to negotiate a treaty with the Iroquois. Location 32 New York
Acadians are exiled to this location Location 18 Louisiana
During the reigns of George I and George II, the prime minister and the cabinet became the true executives
The leader of the American militia at Fort Necessity was George Washington
The Stamp Act crisis brought the colonies to the brink of war with the British, but the crisis subsided largely because English merchants, hurt by the colonial boycott, asked Parliament to repeal the act
During the Seven Years' War, the English secretary of state was William Pitt
Colony associated with James Otis Location 21 Mass
Appointments to the position of royal governor, customs collector, or naval officer were usually made as a result of bribery or favoritism
After 1763, the British imperial design changed from emphasizing trade to acquiring land, population, and imperial splendor
The first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired in Massachusetts at Lexington
This colony is associated with the Regulator Movement Location 33 North Carolina
During his years as chancellor of the exchequer, Charles Townshend persuaded Parliament to pass all of the following measures except establishing new agents to enforce the Stamp Act
Colony associated with Patrick Henry Location 46 Virginia
During the 1700s, the most powerful group of Native Americans in North America was the Iroquois
One result of the Boston massacre was the incident became a symbol of British oppression
Alcohol and its consumption in the American colonies in 1770 was craved by American colonists, and drunkenness was common
The effects of Queen Anne's War in the colonies included the outbreak of border conflicts with both France and Spain
During the French and Indian War, colonial forces were engaged in protecting western settlements against Indian raids
The wartime experiences of American women included all of the following except momentarily gaining the right to vote in many northern states
During the final phase of the American Revolution, General Cornwallis was surrounded and forced to surrender his entire force at Yorktown, Virginia
Which occurred first? Jefferson provides for the western lands to be divided into ten districts
In discussing the American Revolution, the basic controversy among historians involves the question: Was the motivation for the Revolution primarily political ideology or essentially economic and social interests?
The economic effects of the Revolutionary War included encouraging American economic growth and diversification
Site where Little Turtle defeated the US Army in the early 1790s Location 35 Ohio
This state eliminated the executive position in its state charter. Location 38 Pennsylvania
State that gave the right to vote to women but rescinded that right in 1807. Location 30 New Jersey
First state to have a constitutional convention Location 21 Mass
The Revolutionary War affected religious and social groups in all of the following ways except it improved the position of the Indians because most helped the American side
As the Revolutionary War began, most Americans believed they were fighting for a redress of grievances against the British Empire
Lord Cornwallis surrendered in the colony in Fall of 1781. Location 46 Virginia
The final phase of the American Revolution was characterized by all of the answers below
For the Iroquois Confederacy, the American Revolution led to a weakening of the tribes, because the Confederacy split up, and the Americans attacked those who sided with the British
During the early 1780s, the authority of the national government was vested in a legislative branch
In the second phase of the American Revolution, between early 1776 and early 1778, the fighting resulted in the British forces achieving several important victories but failing to crush the Americans because of mistakes and blunders
During the American Revolution, the real center of authority was the state governments
During the American Revolution the religious group that most improved its position was the Catholics
The state governments that were formed during the 1770s exhibited all of the following characteristics except they adopted the principle of universal suffrage
Home for Nathanael Greene Location 39 Rhode Island
During 1777, British General Burgoyne attempted to implement a plan for dividing the colonies by capturing the Hudson River Valley
The American War for Independence has been characterized in all of the following ways except the first technological war
Thomas Jefferson was from this colony. Location 46 Virginia
During the Revolution, the Americans had all of the following advantages over the British except their troops were generally superior to the British regulars
The American national government obtained many of the war supplies that it needed to fight the American Revolution by receiving foreign aid and loans from countries like France
The Land Ordinances of 1785 and 1787, which created the Northwest Territory, also all of the answers below
In the 1770s and 1780s, the powers of government were concentrated in the state governments
Which occurred first? Battle of Saratoga occurs
The pamphlet "Common Sense" was instrumental in gaining support for the idea of independence from Great Britain
General Burgoyne surrendered in this colony in the fall of 1777. Location 32 New York
The "Revolution of 1800" refers to the belief of Thomas Jefferson that the Republican victory signaled a fundamental change in American politics
The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was significant to the distribution of power because it reserved to the states and the people all powers not specifically delegated to the federal government
William Paterson was from this state. Location 30 New Jersey
The Federalists of the 1790s believed that the United States should have a strong central government and a well-developed economy
The authors of The Federalist Papers wrote them for the purpose of explaining the meaning and positive qualities of the Constitution
The plan favoring the large states was named for this state. Location 46 Virginia
State associated with James Madison Location 46 Virginia
For the Constitutional Convention to reach agreement on the power of the federal government to regulate commerce, the members agreed that the government would not be permitted to stop the slave trade for twenty years
The Antifederalists argued that the Constitution had all of the following faults except it allowed the state governments to become a threat to the lives and property of their own citizens
When Thomas Jefferson looked to the future, he hoped that the United States would become a country dominated by independent owners of small farms
In response to the Alien and Sedition Acts, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison contended that state legislatures could declare federal laws unconstitutional. This view first appeared in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
The Federalist party enjoyed widespread support in the commercial centers of the Northeast
The first state to join the Union after the original 13 states Location 45 Vermont
The Constitutional Convention was held in this state. Location 38 Pennsylvania
By creating a federal system, the framers of the Constitution created a system of divided authority among national and state governments
Henry Knox was from this state. Location 21 MASS
The Pinckney brothers came from this state. Location 40 North Carolina
The men who wrote the Constitution resolved the question of sovereignty by deciding that in the United States political power rested ultimately with the people
Edmond Randolph was from this state. Location 46 Virginia
In response to the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794, President Washington personally led an army of nearly 15,000 men into Pennsylvania
Most of the people who wrote the Constitution distrusted any concentration of political power
Which occurred first? Jay's Treaty is signed with England
The start of the French Revolution caused the Republicans in the United States to applaud the revolution as being democratic and copy French fashions and forms of address
In the election of 1796, the man who won the presidency was John Adams
The event that resulted in the Quasi War between the United States and France was the XYZ Affair
The purpose of the Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was to prevent men from different parties from serving as president and vice president at the same time
Which occurred first? Alien and Sedition Acts are passed
The Constitution failed to address an issue concerning the Native Americans that would dictate their future relationship with the whites. This issue was tribal sovereignty over their lands
To protect the nation from the "tyranny of the people," the original U.S. Constitution provided that the people would directly elect only one part of the national government, the House of Representatives
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