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SS 5 ch. 13

Richard Allen a slave that started the Free African Society in 1787
Articles of Confederation the second Constitutional Congress adopted it in 1781set up the country's first central government
Daniel Shays 1786 a Massachusetts farmer who started a group of farmers to protest against the courts
Shay's Rebellion a fight where 8 men were killed
Northwest Ordinance passed in 1787 - a law passed for land
Northwest Territory land claimed from the Atlantic Ocean to Mississippi River by the United StatesIndiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois
territory land
statehood means to become a state when 60,000 people lived there
Alexander Hamilton from New York- came to the congress meeting
James Madison from Virginia- came to the congress meeting
Constitution Convention this is where they made the constitution
George Mason helped write Virginia's Constitution with Gouverneur Morris
Virginia Plan make a republic in Virginia
Legislative branch made up of Congress who make laws and raise money
Executive branch president
Judicial branch made up of judges called the Supreme Court
Supreme Court judges
New Jersey Plan gave the state the same number of representatives
Roger Sherman from Connecticut- he is a judge who made the Great Compromiseknown for his clear thinking
Great Compromise the Congress wuold have two sseparate houses- the House of Representatives and the Senate
House of Representatives larger states had more representatives because of population
Senate favored the small states- each state would have 2 representatives
points of view the way someone looks at something
amendments additions to the Constitution
Preamble the introduction to the Constitution - began with "We the People"
federal system states and central government share power
Federal Government has the power to make money, trade, declare war, settle fights
The states have the power to set up public schools and local governments, and run elections
The Federal government and States have the power to collect taxes and pass laws
checks and balances each state can check on each other to not gain a lot of power
veto refuse to approve soemthing, the president can do this
Federalists supporters of the Constitution
ratify approve the constitution
Antifederalists people against the Constitution
Bill of Rights 10 things added to the Constitution
George Washington 1st president
New York City the country's capital
secretary someone who runs the Congress
Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton- toko care of money
Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson - handled other countries with the US
Secretary of War Henry Knox
Cabinet made up of all the country's officials
political parties people who share the same ideas about the government
What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? lack of money and people protesting
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