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Revolutionary Ideas-September

Philosophy of government is The declaration of Independence
Self-evident truth is All men are created equal (equal under the law)
Inalienable rights means Rights that cannot be taken away
What are the inalienable rights Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness (right to live, be free, and be happy)
Purpose of government is To protect our rights
When can the government be changed When they're no longer protecting our rights
Limited or unlimited Limited
Federalism is shared power between federal and state government
Popular sovereignty is When the people chose their government
Checks and Balances means No branch of government has more power than the other branches
Republicanism is When the people elect officials to represent and vote on their behalf
Purpose of Government is Preamble
The preamble is Statement of purpose
The six stated purposes of government are 1) A more perfect union 2) Establish justice 3) Domestic tranquility (peace at home) 4) Provide for the common defense (defense for each state) 5) Promote the general welfare (common good) 6) Secure the blessings of liberty
Legislative branch is called Congress
Legislative branch is made of Congress, House of Representatives, and the Senate
Primary function of the Legislative branch To make laws
The House of Representatives Represents the people
The Senate is The house of the States
Qualifications for the House of Representatives -Must live in the state they represent -Must be 25+ years old -Must have 7+ years of citizenship
Qualifications for the Sentate -Must live in the state they represent -Must be 30+ years old -Must have 9 years of citizenship
Senators serve for Six year terms - one-third of the seats are up for election every two years
Representatives serve for Two-year terms - are considered for reelection every even year
President of the Senate is The vice president, they vote when there is a tie
Powers of Congress include The power to borrow money on the credit of the United States The power to declare war The power to establish post roads and post offices The power to maintain and provide a navy etc.
Congress cannot -Suspend the writ of habeas corpus -Pass a bill of attainder -Pass an expo facto law
Habeas corpus means A person cannot be unlawfully detained
A bill of attainder is An act of legislature that allows someone to be punished without a trial
An expo factor law is A law that retroactively changes the consequences of actions that were committed before it was a law
States cannot -Have troops -Tax goods coming into the state -Make treaties with other countries
What must happen for a bill to become a law Both houses have to approve it word for word
The elastic clause means Congress can stretch their powers but only to a point
Executive Branch is made of The president, vice president, and the cabinet
Primary function of the Executive Branch To carry out federal laws made by Congress
The Cabinet is An advisory body made up of the heads of the 15 executive departments (department of education, defense, etc.)
Qualifications for a president -Must be 35+ years old -Must be a natural born citizen -Must has 14+ years of residency in the US
How long can a president serve For two, 2 year long terms
How are electors determined in the electoral college The number of electors are equal to the number of senators and representatives of that state
How many electors do you need to become president At least 270
When is election day The first Tuesday after the first Monday of November (never on Nov. 1st)
Created by: erica.y
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