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Atlas map physical
Political map countries and states
Primary source eye witness
Secondary source wrote about it, not eye witness
Earth 4.3 Billion years
Humans 50,000 years
Earth for 24 hours humans? 3 seconds
Tools/handy man Homo habilis
Upright Homo Erectus
Wise man Homo sapien
Think about our thinking Homo Sapien Sapien
cro magnon Survived- From africa
neanderthal did not? Europe
Naitive Ameircans came from CAme from Asia from Bering Strait (near Alaska)
Naitive Americans similaritieswith Asains Extra Skin on eye (ice) Height (shorter/less energy) Skin Tone Dark Silky Hair Mongloid spot
Vikings Greenland/Iceland
Greenland Nasty
Iceland (Leif Erickson) Nice
Who thought Africans could be the first Americans? (pyramids) Thor Heyerdahl
Voyage to prove it 1970 from Africa to Barbados (Carisbbian)
Not always good/bad people/guys
1492? Columbus sailed the ocean blue
WHy did he sail Tried to find short cut to Asia
Accidentally bumped into The Americas
Magellan First to sail around the world (not his head) stil gets credit
Columbus day Italian Excellance day/ indigenous peoples day
Henry Hudson 1609- Northwest Passage to Asia
What happened to Henry and his son Henry and his son probably froze to death
Canada France and England
America England
Central America/South America Spanish/Portuguese (Pope's Line of DEMARCATION)
Cultural Diversity Lots of culters in a place
Cultural Diffusion Mix Cultures (Veitnames food)
Why Colonization? (take land/fighting) Gold/reasouces Glory/fame and God/religion
1607 James Town Virginia
How did James Town live Tobacco Farming. At first starved untill John Rolfe came in 1610
1620 Plymouth Massachusetts, started by Pilgrams Mayflower Compact (ship)
Pilgrams were a step to Self Government (Democracy not Monarcy)
Why did Colonists protest Taxation without representation (can't vote, no say) more freedom and profits
Declaration Of Independence July,4,1776- Thomas Jefferson (and 4 others)
What did the Declaration Of Independence state Reasons why they wanted to break away
Convince Americans to be patriots by Pamphlet- "Commen Sense" By Thomas Paine
Revolutionary war 1775-1783
Americans won..why? Guerilla warfare (little war), the not proper way to fight and at home
America got help from what country France
George Washington wanted the U.S to what Practice Nuetrality & avoid foriegn conflict
What is a Constitution A document that sets up your Government
1st Constitution for America Articles of Confederation
Articles of Confederation was All bark no bite b/c no executive branch to enforce laws- they didn't want a strong gov. No taxes thats how a gov. pays for things
What couldnt we pay for b/c the Articles of Confederan Army/Currency
13 states had ________ than the Federal more power so we trashed the Articles of Confederation
!787 we wrote U.S Constitution still used today
Got ideas from Euroopean Enlightenment Natural rights = Life Libery and Poperty/persuit of Happieness
Republic people elect reps. to speak/vote for them
Branches of the gov. Executative, Legislative, Judicail
Executive? President, enforces laws
Legislative? Makes laws, Congress
Judicail Surpreme Court, declares if laws are unconstitutional
Executive over Legislation veto Legislatation
Legislative over Executive Makes Law and Allocates funds (can overide veto)
Legislative over Judicail confirms Judicail Appointments
Judicail over Executive Rules on Executive Action
Executive over Judicail Appoints Justices
Judicail over Legislative Declare laws unconstitutional/Rules on Legislation
Last war declared World War 2 (other wars were fought but not offically declare)
10 Amendments added for what reason Some States wouldn't ratify the COnstitution unless these ten rights we included- "GUARANTEE OUR LIBERTY"
The U.S Constitution is the s- is the Surpreme Law of the Liberty
1st Amendment Freedom of speech, press, assembly, religion, petition
2nd Amendment Thge right to bear arms and have a militia
3rd Amendment No quarting of troups in our homes
4th Amendment Police need a search warrent (search warrent beFOUR you can search my house)
5th Amendment No-self Incrimination: DONT HAVE TO TALK "I PLEAD THE 5TH"
6th Amendment Speedy Trail
7th Amendment Trail by Jury (peer)
8th Amendment Noi cruel or unusaul punishments
9th Amendment Rights not here are still Rights
10th Amendment Powers are the given to the FEDERAL GOV. are reeserved for the State gov. for the People
Northeast High Population, more trains, businesses
Midwest Lumber/timber industry and farms w/o slaves- less population = more self sustaining
West Gold Rudh (1849) Less population = more self sustaining!! Often no Sheriff or Police
South Huge plantations w/ enslaved people. cash crop is cotton & tobacco
More gov. interventions in Urban areas
Less gov. interventions in Rural areas
Louisiana Purchase From France (1803)
The problem with the Louisiana Purchase Doubled our size, there was conflict about whether is we should allow slavery in the new land or not
Temporary solution for the debate about slavery Compromise of 1820 and 1850, between North and South over where slavery should spread
New Orleans became an important city, why? For traval b/c the Mississippi River
1861-1865 The Cival War was fought over slavery and State's Rights
The first Woman's Rights convention in the U.S Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 in NY
Seneca Falls Convention was organized by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Abolitionists (wanna get rid of slavery)
Goal of the Seneca Falls Convention All men and woman to be created equal
Goal of the Seneca Falls Convention more specifically Womans sufferage (right to vote)
Susan B. AAnthony & Lucretia Mott are examples of Sufffragettes
The convention wasn't just woman but men, including Aferican American ex-slaves and abolitionists, Fredrick Douglass
Three ways African Americans and woman were not given equal rights in 1800 No vote (jobs were hard to get, education) Couldn;t own land, couldn't ownmn bisuiness
Pres. James Monroe Doctrrine of 1823 "Eurpoe stay out of Latin America and the Caribbean Islands! Thats the U.S.A's 'Turf' you get the East side of the Globe! We get the west!"
Created by: leonardo1236
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