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huge history test

europe, italy, and ireland

irelands nickname (for its greenness) emerald isle
70---35 ----- million people were worldwike claim Irish ancestry, and ----- million people in the US have Irish heritage
Celtic Tiger due to a strong economy in the 1990's, Ireland became known as the what?
Macgillycuddy's Reeks Ireland's most famous mountain range
fuel--- 1/4 peat is used for ----;----- of Ireland is occupied by peat bogs, marshes, mountains, and lakes
in -----, ---- countries became independent from British rule in 1992, 26 people
what is the most common religion in Ireland? Roman Catholic
what is the "man's social club" in Ireland? the pub
what is a popular Irish sport that is just like field hockey? huring
What is a combination of soccer and rugby that is another popular irish sport gaelic football
what was declared the "first official language" of Ireland in 1937? Irish (also known as Gaelic)
less that ---- % of the labor force works in agriculture less than 10%
what two factors make ireland one of worlds best lands for growing grass? high rainfall and moderate temperature
cattle and milk account for about ---% of agriculture in ireland 85
in dublin, you can find the --------, a hand-illistrated collection of the four books of the New Testament book of kells
blarney castle, home of the blarney stone, is located near wat irsih city? cork
a famine hit ireland in the 1840s. it was caused by a ----- that attacked the ------ crop, crushing most of the food supply. fungus--potato
italy is a ---- shaped peninsula that extends into the ---- sea boot---mediterranean
an ancient king named ----- may be the source of Italy's name Italo
in the mid- ____ century (1800s) the many separate nations of the Italian peninsula were united 19
the ---- separate Italy from France, Switzerland, and Austria Alps
What is Italy's neighbor to the northeast? Slovenia
the toe of the Italian boot seems to kick an island named... sicily
there are two small independent countries within italy what are they? vatican city and republic of san marino
----- thirds of italy is covered with mountains and hills two
------- is italys highest point Gran Paradiso
the -------- makes up Italy's "spine" Apennine Range
when vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79, it destoryed the cities of what? Pompeii and Herculaneum
the largest lake in italy Garda
What are Itlay's only navigable rivers? the Po and then Adige
what river flows threw Rome? Tiber river
what is Italy's capital city? Rome
What is one of Italy's important sources of power. it comes from swift-flowing alpine streams hydroelectricity
what is italy the most the world's leading producer of? marble
the ---------- are topped with marble, which appears to be snow. Aupuane Alps
hot wind called -------- blows across southern Italy from the deserts of North Africa scirócco
the religion of the vast majority of Italians is ------ Roman Catholic
what is the patron saint of Naples? San Gennaro
on august 15, two-week period called ------------ begins. It is a time where many Italians go on vacation Ferragosto
rather than exchange of girls on december 25, many italians do so on -------- known as the feast of epiphany january 6
italians must go to school until they are --- years old. Middle school (also known as intermediate or junior high school) is called --------. 14----scuola media
in italy, a doctors degree is called laurea
the medical school at ------ dates back to the 9th century salerno
the -------- returned from the holy land having learned to use------- as a flavoring lemon juice
it is estimated that there are more than ---- different pasta shapes. one of them is call ------ which means little worms 100----vermicelli
there is a celebration known as the --------- in San Daniele del Friuli ham fair
what is the national sport of italy? soccer
------- was Italy's most famous opera singer until he died in 2007 Luciano Pavarotti
----- is Italy's second largest city. People of this city are compared to New Yorkers because the appear to --- instead of walk Milan--run
the heart of Milan is the huge ------- (cathedral) Piazza del Duomo
the most famous opera house in the world is know as ----- la scala
the greek name to naples,-------, means new city neapolis
what gave naples massive problems in early 2008? garbage removal
since the sea brought wealth to the city, residents of Venice called there city the------- Bride of the Adriatic
when a sea route around africa was discovered, venice lost its monopoly on the ------ trade spice
what ciry is the birthplace of the Renaissance in Italy? Florence
the ----- in Florence flooded in 1966, causing damage to the priceless works of art there Arno River
the ------ are buried in the Church of San Lorenzo. They ruled Florence from the 14th to the 16th century Medicis
europes climate is mainly this temperate
wild sheep with curling horns found on corsica and sardinia mouflon
narrow inlets where ocean comes in between cliffs fjords
deep enough to be traveled by boat navigable
european superhighways autobahns
a main deposit of oil and gas north sea
its eggs are the most expensive type of caviar beluga sturgeon
europes longest river volga river
french car manufacturer renault
called moose in europe elk
climate found in british isles maritime climate
italian game similar to lawn bowling boccie
europes largest exporter of timber sweden
most european christians are this roman catholic
europes highest peak Mount Elbrus
a nimble alpine animal ibex
"land of a thousand lakes" finland
source of europes mild climate gulf stream
holy wars in the 11th,12th, and 13th centuries crusades
provide more employment for europeans than any other economic activity service industries
famous symbol of good luck white stork
worlds largest country russia
native cats found in caspian lowland desert wild cats
divide france and spain pyrenees
animals found in central europe hedge hogs
fuel of europes early factories coal
trace the border between france and switzerland jura mts
number of EU countries in 1957 six
europes second largest river Danube river
climate found in central and eastern europe continental climate
europes common currency euro
starting point of volga valdai hills
power provided by europes rivers hydroelectricity
loved by european urbanites (city-dwellers) live theater
where danube empties into black sea
recently active volcano near naples, italy vesuvivs
country with average income per perosn less than $4,000 moldova
worlds smallest country vatican city
swedish car manufacturer volvo
popular sport in the uk cricket
what geographers call asia and europe eurasia
europes southern border mediterranian sea
eastern border of europe ural moutains
worlds largest saltwater lake casian sea
percentage of europeans who are muslim 6%
italians are considered the most what (in language and religion) of all europeans? homogeneous (not diverse)
in alpine valleys in the north of the country, several thousand people speak what? german
also in northern itlay, the what speak french and live in the valle d'aosta valdotains
--------, a slavic language, is also spoken in the northeast of italy slovenian
about what percent of italians speak italians 95%
the standard form of the language originated in the region of what central italy
2 dialects of italian that may be difficult to understand are spoken in ---- and -----. sicily and sardinia
itlian art began with the -----, whose major cities were in the middle of the italian pen. etruscans
a public meeting place in rome known as the ---- dates from the period of the roman empire. forum
the ------,which started in the 14th century, had the greatest impact on italian art. the renaissance
three forms of early italian music were the ---------,--------, and the --------- gregorian chant, troubadour song, and the madrigal
between the ages of six and fourteen, education is ---- and ----- for children in italy free and compulsory (required)
there are ---- state and private universities in italy 27
the oldest univ. in italy is ---------, and largest univ. in the country is------- university of bologna and university of rome
in italy, the most significant public health accomplishment has been the almost complete elimination of ----------. malaria
true or false: the italian railroad system is owned by the government true
one of the world's longest railroad tunnels, the ------------, connects itlay and switzerland simplon tunnel
during the 1920's, the worlds first ---------- were built in northern italy automobile expressway
superhighways that connect the major cities of itlay are called ------ autostades
in 1861, italys type of government was a ----------. since 1946, the country has been a ------. constitutional monarchy --- republic
italys president is elected by the ----- for a ---- year term parliment--seven
ledgislative branch in italy and england italy-parliamentengland-congress
parliamentery system political party who has most members elect the leader
members of the legislature (Chamber of Deputies and Senate) are elected by the poeple for a ----- year term 5
italy is divided into --- regions, which are divided inot ----- provinces 20---103
tuscany, marche, umbrio, and -- are regions in central itlay lazio
after world war I, a "strong man" named ------------- rose to power. He led the ---- party. members of this group were known as the ------. Benito Mussolini----fascist-----blackshirts
why did the party grow rapidly? cuz mussolini promisedbenefits to everyone
mussolini became known as ------ (the leader). political parties except for his were ----------. Il Duce---- abolished
italy invaded and defeated the african nation of ------ ethiopia
to oppose france and england, mussolini and adolf hitler started the --------- rome-berlin axis
italy joined WWII in 1940 by attacking ------------. southern east france
true or false: italy's military was not powerful enough to fight a large scale war true
since WWII,the ---------- party has been the most powerful force in itlays government christion democratic party
garda (the lake) italy
Po and Adige river italy
milan italy
naples italy
venice italy
florence italy
shannon river ireland
dublin (capital city) ireland
cork ireland
killarney ireland
limerick ireland
galway ireland
waterford and wexford ireland
Created by: millie_dubose



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