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Renal histology

Renal histology lectures 1 and 2

Filtration barrier fenestrations of glomerular capillaries, fused basement membrane, filtration slits
Juxtaglomerular apparatus Extraglomerular mesangial cells, macula densa (modified DCT), granular/juxtaglomerular cells (modified SM of affarent arteriole)
Parietal layer of Bowmann's capsule simple squamous
PCT (convoluted portion) simple cuboidal, brush border (reabsorption), basolateral interdigitations (Na+ transport out), mitochondria (active transport)
Pars Recta (thick descending limb) brush border (secretion of organic acids), no basolateral interdigitations, mitochondria (active transport)
Thin limbs simple squamous
Thick ascending limb simple cuboidal, no brush border, basolateral interdigitations (Na+ transport), mitochondria (active transport), Tomm-Horsfall protein production
Distal convoluted tubule simple cuboidal, no brush border, basolateral interdigitations (Na+ transport), mitochondria (active transport)
Collecting tubule cell types principal cells + intercalated cells + DCT cells
Collecting tubule histocytology simple cuboidal, intercalated have darker staining and brush border remnant
Principal cell function Na+ reabsorption, K+ secretion, H2O reabsorption (ADH mediated)
Intercalated cell function Acid-base balance
Collecting duct cell types principal cells + intercalated cels
Collecting duct histocytology simple columnar
Vasa recta simple squamous with RBCs inside (if not washed out)
Ureters transitional epithelium, lamina propria, circular/longitduinal SM, adventitia
Transitional epithelium details stratified with mature surface cells which are cuboidal/columnar called umbrella cells
Umbrella cell surface inflexible plaques with surface vesicle invaginations in between
Bladder histology transitional epithelium, lamina propria, circular/longitudinal/circular SM, adventitia
Prostatic urethra transitional epithelium (continuation of bladder)
Membranous urethra psuedostratified columnar
Spongy urethra stratified columnar/squamous
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