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Ch.2 Building a Nation

Clapboard horizontal boards, the outer “skin” of a house
Queen Victoria ruler of the British Empire and lived in Britain. People she ruled were called “Victorians” and came to the throne 1837 in her teenage years
Victorian someone who lived during the era of Queen Victoria
Native Peoples The original people of the Eastern Woodlands, was ignored & forgotten
to assimilate to join the majority group and give up the traditions of one’s own group
“attitude” aka “Victorians” because they were so sure of themselves & had few doubts
“gravity” a kind of seriousness, particularly as the century wore on
parasol a fancy umbrella to keep out the sun
smallpox a deadly virus that was eradicated in every part of the world in 1980
carnivores flesh-eating
enmity hatred
spasmodically in spasms
carbolic acid an acid compound present in coal tar that can be used as a disinfectant when diluted with water
suffrage right to vote
Emily Stowe Canadian woman who was born 1831, & one of the first female doctors
matriculation ticket a piece of paper including that a student is enrolled in a course and will matriculate, or graduate
serial format in weekly or monthly installments
droll humorous
“blood sports” brutal sports; bear-baiting, dog-and-bull fighting, bare-knuckle boxing
whist a card game for four players divided into two teams
“teenager” unknown in Victorian era, was used until the middle age of the 20th century
infrastructure the community systems that make travel, communications, and businesses easier; ex. Roads, canals, transportation and postal service
Sarah Bernhardt one of the 1st superstars, and was the most famous person in Europe
firebox the steam boiler
bushel an old measure of dry goods equivalent to roughly 35 liters
peck one-quarter of a bushel
phrenology the science of personality study based on the bumps of the persons head
federation a federal union in which the members keep certain powers themselves, and give certain powers to a central government
external relations dealings with other countries
Canadas Upper and Lower Canada, whose names were changed to Canada West and Canada East – modern Ontario and Quebec
responsible government a government in which the executive council is responsible to the legislative assembly, whose members are representatives of the people
John A Macdonald born in Scotland, 1st prime minister 1867-1873 again in 1878-1891
Lord Elgin a well suited governor that believed in a responsible government and came from a wealthy well-connected family
mercantilism an economic system based on colonialism. The home country takes raw materials in from its colonies and manufactures goods, which it sells for profit
Corn Laws laws which protected British agriculture
depression a period of low economic activity marked by high unemployment
treason betrayal of one’s country
to culminate to climax
Vincent Massey The 1st Canadian to be appointed governor general, in 1952
to annex to incorporate a territory or country into another country
American Civil War a war between the southern and northern American states over states’ rights. The divisive issue was slavery
whip the person responsible for ensuring discipline and solidarity within a political party
George Etienne Cartier was a wealthy businessman who had invested in and promoted railways.
“loose fish” independent members if the Legislative Assembly
Clear Grits so-called because a brave person has “grit”
Tories owners of the middle ground in Canada West, and was led by John A. Macdonald
parti rouge A small political group in Canada East led by Louis-Joseph Papineau. They hated the Act of Union and favored the American-style government
parti bleu The most powerful political group in Canada East. They focused on the protection of French-Canadian rights and on the economic development of Canada East
George Brown an imposing figure that had popular support all over Canada West. Also owned a newspaper to help spread his views
homogeneous similar to everyone else
franchise a special privilege granted to a group
sovereignty the right to self-determination
Potato Famine the failure of the potato crop in Ireland in 1840s, which caused widespread starvation and cause many people to emigrate
Fenian Raids Irish society known as the “Fenians” planned to harm Britain by striking at Canada
constitution the laws that set fourth the powers and the responsibilities of the government and guarantee the rights of the people
British North America (BNA) Act A passed act in the parliament of Britain. It was in sharp contrast to the United States, which declared itself and nation, fought a revolution, defeated Britain and formulated its own rules. This helped create the Country of Canada today
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