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SW Asia History

Unit 3

What are the two groups involved in the struggle over who should rule the land of Israel/Palestine? Palestinian Arabs and Israelis
What year did Israel declared independence based on the 1947 UN plan? 1948
What are the causes of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict? Both groups want to own the land in the West Bank, particularly the area around Jerusalem. There is also a difference in the religious beliefs of most members of the two groups. Devout Jewish Israelis also believe God gave them the land.
What is the term for hatred of Jewish people because they are Jewish? anti-Semitism
What movement started in the late 1800s and encouraged Jewish people to move to their ancestral home in Palestine? Zionism
What are the four reasons for the creation of the State (country) of Israel? Jewish religious connection to the land, Anti-Semitism, Zionism, and the Holocaust
What was it called when the European powers broke up the Ottoman Empire after World War I? Partitioning of the Ottoman Empire
What was the secret plan that the Allied Powers in World War I made to divide the Ottoman Empire? The Sykes-Picot Agreement
What happened when Israel declared independence based on the 1947 UN partitioning plan? They were immediately invaded by several Arab countries but won the war.
What is the term for the scattering of the Jewish people after the Romans killed and enslaved the population of Judea? Diaspora
How did the Holocaust contribute to the foundation of the State of Israel? Many people felt bad for the Jewish people's suffering and felt they should have their own country so it wouldn't happen again.
How did Anti-Semitism lead to the Zionist movement? Many Jewish people felt they needed their own homeland where they where in charge so people wouldn't discriminate against them.
How did the Zionist movement lead to the foundation of Israel? It increased the Jewish population in Palestine so there was more of a reason to make a country for them.
What was the term for the areas controlled by Britain and France through the League of Nations? They were similar to colonies. mandates
How did the way the Europeans partitioned in the Ottoman Empire impact Southwest Asia? It led to conflicts between rival groups for control of the Middle East by putting people together who hated each other and separating people that wanted to be together in their own country.
Nationalism is leading this modern group to fight for a country of their own where Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria come together. Kurds
What two groups are fighting for control of Iraq and Syria? Sunni Muslims & Shi'a Muslims
This is caused by countries having different ethnic and religious groups fighting for control of the country. political instability
What is the name for the British promise to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine that was issued in 1917? The Balfour Declaration
US conflict with Iraq that took place in 2003. Saddam Hussein was removed from power and executed. Iraq became a Parliamentary Democracy Us Invasion of Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
The War on Terrorism that was launched in October 2001 following the September 11 attacks. Goals were to find Osama bin Laden, removing the Taliban from power, and closing Al-Qaeda training camps. US Invasion of Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom)
Attack by Al-Qaeda on the World Trade Center and Pentagon that occurred on the September 11, 2001. September 11 Attacks (9/11)
War that started when Saddam Hussein of Iraq invaded Kuwait. The goal was to remove the Iraqi army from Kuwait. It consisted of Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. The goals were achieved, Saddam was left in power at the end of the war. Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm)
Reasons for US military involvement in SW Asia Oil and Terrorism
US interference in SW Asia, specifically it's support of Israel and the US military keeping units in Saudi Arabia following the Persian Gulf War. Reasons Al-Qaeda attacked the US on 9/11/01
US military operation to defend Saudi Arabia from an expected invasion from Iraq during the Persian Gulf War. Operation Desert Shield
US attack into Kuwait and southern Iraq to remove the Iraqi army from Kuwait. It was the end of the Persian Gulf War. Operation Desert Storm
Terrorist group lead by Osama bin Laden that was responsible for the September 11th attacks. Al-Qaeda
Terrorist group that was governing Afghanistan and aiding Al-Qaeda during the September 11th attacks and Operation Enduring Freedom. They are still a threat to Afghanistan today. Taliban
Nuclear, Chemical, or Biological Weapons (Weapons of Mass Destruction) WMDs
Created by: CFurr
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