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TFN Lesson 1

Evolution of Nursing; Periods of Nursing History

What was the first period of nursing during primitive/nomad times? Describe. Period of Intuitive Nursing - Medieval Period (6th century) Nursing was untaught and instinctive. It was performed out of compassion for others; a function that belonged to women.
What was the primitive belief about diseases during the intuitive period of nursing? sickness or disease was caused by bad spirits, black magic, or voodoo
What is a "shaman?" witch doctor, a medicine man believed to have the ability to heal with white magic
What is "trephining?" drilling a hole in the skull with a rock or stone; used as a last resort to treat psychotic patients
What period of nursing care was performed without any formal education and by people who were directed by more experienced nurses? Period of Apprentice Nursing - Middle Ages (11th Century – 18th Century)
What is another term for apprentice training? "on the job" training
During the middle ages, nursing became whose work? Nursing became the work of the least desirable of women – prostitutes, alcoholics, prisoners
Who established the 1st formal training school for nurses in Germany? Pastor Theodore Fliedner and his wife, Frederika
Where did Florence Nightingale receive her 3-month course of study in nursing? Kaiserswerth Institute for the training of Deaconesses
What period was also known as the Nightingale Era? Period of Educated Nursing (19th Century - 20th Century)
What war influenced the development of educated nursing? Crimean Civil War
Who is Florence Nightingale? "Mother of Modern Nursing," "Lady with a Lamp"
What was was the first school of nursing that provided both theory based knowledge, and clinical skill building? Nightingale Training School of Nurses (1st program for formal education of nurses began)
When did the the Nightingale Training School of Nurses open? and Where? June 15, 1860; opened at St. Thomas Hospital in London England
What period did nursing practice expand significantly alongside advancements in medical science and technology? Period of Contemporary Nursing (World War II, 20th Century and Present)
Important points during the contemporary period of nursing: • Licensure of nurses started • Specialization of Hospital and diagnosis • Training of Nurses in diploma program • Nursing offered in College and Universities • Development of baccalaureate and advance degree programs
What are some of the factors affecting nursing today? • economics • consumer’s demand • family structure • information and telecommunications • legislations
Created by: jayhellow
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