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art history 103


Cathedral of San Marco Venice, 1063
Church of Hagia Sophia (interior). Anthemius and Isadorus, Istanbul, Turkey, 532-537.
Plan and cutaway drawing of the Church of San Vitale Ravenna, Italy, 526-547.
Gislebertus, The Last Judgment, Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Autun, France, c.1120-40.
Reliquary statue of Saint Faith. Gold repousse', gemstones and wood, France, late 9th century.
Page with Matthew the Evangelist Ink, gold and colors on vellum, Ebbo Gospels, c.816-840.
Bishop Odo Blessing the Feast. Bayeaux Tapestry. Embroidered linen with wool, France, c.1066 82.
Virgin and Child with Saints and Angels icon, encaustic on wood, 6th century
Crucifixion with Angels and Mourning Figures Outer cover, Lindau Gospels, c.870-80.
Reconstruction drawing of Old Saint Peter’s basilica Rome c.320 - 27.
Emperor Justinian and His Attendants. Mosaic, Church of San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy, c.547.
Palace Chapel of Charlemagne Aachen, Germany, 792-805.
Purse cover, from the Sutton Hoo burial ship. Cloisonne' plaque, Suffolk, England, c.615-625.
Menorahs and Ark of the Covenant. Wall painting, Rome, Italy 3rd century
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