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History 8.2

Man and His Social Environment

accelerate to increase at a rapid rate
accommodation something supplies for convenience or to satisfy a need
Bachelor's degree a college degree granted after four years of study
career a logical progression of chosen jobs that meet the worker's personal abilities and needs
dissolution to simply dissolve something and make it appear that it never existed
economic system the way in which money, sernices, or products are offered to the public for their purchades
Federal minimum wage the legal minimum wage most businesses can pay workers
free enterprise an economic system where peole decide for themselves what to buy and what they are willing to pay
labor force persons who either have jobs or who are looking for jobs
labor market business/industry where people find a ''market'' for their abilities
Liberal Arts a general education in a nontechnical area of study such as philosophy, history, or art
Master's degree a college degree granted after five to six years of training
professional the person with the highest responsibility in a career ladder
psychiatrist a medical doctor who treats mental, emoional, and behavioral disorders
reconciliation to bring harmony and peace back between two people or between God and man
standard of living the quality and amount of possessions, food, housing, and entertainment a family enjoys
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