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Ch. 2 AH

Westward Expansion

a town undergoing rapid growth in business and population. boomtown
a U.S. law in 1862, provided 160 acres in the West to any citizen or intended citizen who was head of household and would cultivate the land for five years. It attracted people who wanted to be self-sufficient and independent from large cities. homestead act
laws enacted in 1862 to help create agricultural colleges by giving federal land to states. Morrill land grant
African Americans who migrated from the South to Kansas to settle in the Great Plains to farm Exodusters
a railroad line linking the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States, completed in 1869. Transcontinental Railroad
the 19th-century belief that the United States would inevitably expand westward to the Pacific Ocean and into Mexican territory. Manifest Destiny
an enormous farm on which a single crop is grown Bonanza Farm
the marches in which the Cherokee people were forcibly removed from Georgia to the Indian Territory in 1838–1840, with thousands of the Cherokee dying on the way. Trail of Tears
an area of land reserved for a tribe or tribes under treaty or other agreement with the United States, executive order, or federal statute where the federal government holds title to the land in trust on behalf of the tribe Reservation
a law, enacted in 1887, that was intended to “Americanize” Native Americans by distributing reservation land to individual owners. Dawes Act
a minority group’s adoption of the beliefs and way of life of the dominant culture. assimilation
originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native Indigenous
enacted by Senate and House of Representatives of the US, That any person head of a family, or age of 21 years, a citizen of the US be entitled to 1 quarter or 160 acres of land..the goal of this legislation was to... promote Westward Expansion
enacted by Senate and House of Representatives of the US, That any person head of a family, or age of 21 years, a citizen of the US be entitled to 1 quarter or 160 acres of land..What piece of legislation is quoted above? Homestead Act
Sitting Bull led the Sioux in this ritual to restore their way of life... The Ghost Dance
What impact did the Transcontinental Railroad have on the United States? encouraged westward migration and economic expansion
Which of the following were motivations for migration west or the "American Dream"? Manifest Destiny, California Gold Rush, faster travel to the West by railroad, and opportunity to own land
What drew 300,000 people to California from 1848-1855 which boosted the American economy? Gold Rush
Which of the following were new inventions that helped farmers as they settled westward across America? windmill, reaper, barbed wire, and telegraph
Which immigrant group came to the US with dreams of finding gold but instead was considered cheap labor and helped to build the Transcontinental Railroad? Chinese
Who wrote an essay called “The Significance of the Frontier in American History” and claimed that westward expansion allowed Americans to cast aside European influence and take on a uniquely American identity? Frederick Jackson Turner
List some PULL factors for westward migration? gold rush, free land, farming & cattle
List some PUSH factors for westward migration? poor farmland, droughts, plagues, & over crowding, prejudice/persecution & war
List some difficulties that Native Americans had on reservations? poverty, malnutrition, low standards of living, conversion to Christianity, & extermination of the buffalo
Name some reasons for buffalo extinction selling if their hides, white hunters overkilled, & railroads made it easy to transport their hides
Explain the Dawe's Act The Dawe's Act confiscated the Native's lands & forced them onto reservations
In the Morrill Land Grant of 1862, which group of people were included in the stipulation and must be included in the U.S. Land Grant University Higher Education System without discrimination? African Americans
All of the following were jobs/roles of women: plowing, planting, harvesting crops, working in shops, saloons, boarding houses, sponsoring schools & churches
The mutilation and killing of Cheyenne and Arapaho people over control of the Great Plains by the U.S. Army led by Colonel John Chivington-turning point in the relationship between Natives and Federal government. Sandcreek Massacre
After both sides of the treaty were violated, George A. Custer and his regiment spotted a group of Sioux and Cheyenne warriors and attacked-nicknamed Custer's Last Stand. Battle of Little Big Horn
Sitting Bull was ordered to be arrested and then killed and the Seventh Cavalry slaughtered as many as 300 unarmed Sioux and leaves the corpses to freeze-last battle of the Indian wars. Wounded Knee Massacre
why did cattle ranchers drive the cattle north to the railroads? To ship the cattle to the markets / stock yards
These people were called "vaqueros", wore large hats with brims, wore chaps to protect their legs, & were animal hoarders who slept on the range and lived in bunkhouses Cowboys
Native Americans were forced to adapt to what way of life? American White
What letter is at 60N, 60E? D
The photographs below of a young Native American before and after assimilation are an example of what type of source? Primary Source
Which 2 reasons best explain why the Exodusters migrated to Kansas during the late 1800s? to acquire inexpensive land & to escape racial discrimination
How did the gold Rush affect the economics and development of the West? wealth for prospectors/mines and increased population
Why was there population growth in the Great Plains? free land from the government and false advertising about how great it was out West
In the late 1800's, population ______________. increased
Why were the cities in the West more diverse than in the East? Railroad were cheap and brought minorities to the West for better opportunities
The Ghost Dancing picture was in respond to what? Wounded Knee massacre
The ghost dance is significant for contributing ... the order to arrest of Sitting Bull, the end of the Indian Wars , the Massacre at Wounded Knee
Which of the following best explains the changes in reservations from 1819 to 1894? Influx of people from the east coming to settle the west needed more land
Using the diagram of the railroad network, what was significant about the locations of the rails? All near towns/cities for shipping
Which of the following were problems faced by pioneers or homesteaders? droughts, locust/grasshopper plague, raids by Native Americans, blizzards
How does the image of the angel depict the concept of Manifest Destiny? Following her to spread out West
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