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Guerilla Warfare Unconventional military tactics such as ambush, quick-fire attacks. Use of terrain to own advantage
atrocities Acts of great cruelty
Ceasefire an agreement to stop fighting, temporarily
Draft/conscription Compulsory military service
Capitalism Economic system driven by individual profit and ownership, competition, and no government involvement in business
Democracy A system of government, the members of which, are elected representatives of the population
Domino theory The theory that a political event in one country (communism) will cause similar events in neighbouring countries
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution A US resolution passed in August 1964 that allowed the USA to send troops into SEA without a declaration of War
Nationalism Strong belief in a specific grouping (nation) being one's primary identity; pride in one's nation
Vietnamisation A Nixon policy to expand, equip and train South Vietnamese forces so that they can take over as the USA military reduced its presence
Chemical defoliant Chemicals that are sprayed on plant to cause the loss of leaves and shoots
Puppet state A country that is technically independent but takes its orders from another country's government
Created by: HistoryA6
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